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‘Minecraft Earth’ release date: How to build structures in the AR game

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“Minecraft Earth” is currently in its beta phase. And as can be expected, the artificial reality mobile game doesn’t have much content to offer for now.

Taking inspiration from Niantic’s “Pokémon: Go,” “Minecraft Earth” is a game that bridges reality and the virtual world by allowing people to express their creativity through building mechanics. It’s similar to “Pokemon: Go” as players will be tasked to explore the real world to gather resources to build structures.

Areas of interests in “Minecraft Earth” called “tapables” will be scattered around various locations and will be available once a player reaches the catchment radius represented by a white circle. Once the necessary requirements have been satisfied, you can create your desire building in two modes, Pocket-lint reported.

Minecraft Earth build mechanics

First is the Buildplate where you can design the structure on a miniaturize display. Quitting this mode will save any progress you’ve been making on your project. Second is “Minecraft Earth,” allowing you to place the structure on the real world where it blows up drastically.

You can enter these structures, explore it from within, and make modifications as you see fit. “Minecraft Earth” players are encouraged to play with others since it’ll be easier to create a structure if there are more hands collecting resources.

And if you’re worried about griefers – players that troll others and making everything less fun – Microsoft assures that there will be no PvP mode in “Minecraft Earth.” Keep in mind, however, that stealing will still be allowed. But there’s a catch. A player will need to invite a person into their session for them to be able to pilfer any resources that they are eyeing. So be careful who you’re inviting.

Minecraft Earth adventures will be its most exciting content

As for the most exciting content of “Minecraft Earth,” adventures will be the game’s bread and butter, TheVerge reported. Adventures can spawn in the real world and are designed for players to work together. They can range from simple tasks to daunting ones, with the possibility of losing all your collected resources if you happen to die to a monster. All the blocks collected when the adventure ends are given to each member of a party. Again, a player can’t kill you and steal your hard-earned resources.

The beta version of “Minecraft Earth” is currently operating in select cities only, with London, Seattle, Stockholm, Tokyo, and Mexico City among the locations that have been greenlighted. What’s more, it’s only limited to iOS users, and there’s still no word from Mojang when they will integrate the Android crowd. There’s no information about its release date either, although Microsoft did say that they’re planning to launch it by the end of 2019. Maybe we’ll hear more about it this coming Microsoft XO that’s slated to take place on Nov. 14 to 16. So keep an eye out for that.

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