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‘Minecraft Earth’ release date: Players provide feedback to Microsoft as beta version gains momentum

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The beta version of “Minecraft Earth” is now in full swing and those who are lucky enough to play the game early are slowly churning content for players who are still waiting. As can be expected, the beta version doesn’t offer a lot since Microsoft is still evaluating several factors in preparation for its official launching.

Right now, only iOS users are allowed to play “Minecraft Earth.” However, Mojang did emphasize its desire to bring in Android users too, as the developers need a lot of players to participate in the beta to spot bugs and other factors that need to be addressed.

One of the requested fixes that beta players have brought forward is the loading time of “Minecraft Earth.” The app’s boot-up can reach up to 30 to 40 seconds, with multitasking further increasing the delay, Windows Central reported.

Minecraft Earth to come out later this year

Of course, given that “Minecraft Earth” is still in its beta phase, not much can be done about it until Microsoft rolls out the polished version. Which brings us to its release date.

While Majong has yet to reveal when “Minecraft Earth” will arrive, the developers did say that it’s slated to arrive this year, perhaps in November or December. Of course, since Microsoft has yet to confirm anything, it’s best to lower expectations for now.

Regarding the gameplay of “Minecraft Earth,” not much can be done inside the game at the moment either. Collecting materials and getting familiar with the game’s building mechanics are the main tasks that players are busying themselves with. There are currently two modes to build, Pocket-lint reported.

Minecraft Earth and its build mechanics

First, “Minecraft Earth” players can utilize the build plate mechanics where they create structures on a small platform. Exiting this mode will then save what progress has been done by the individual or the group. The second one is the outside mode where players will place the structure on a real-world location where it will blow up to considerable size.

As for PVP, Microsoft already said that they’re not going to implement this mechanic inside the game as the main goal is to encourage people to work together in creating eye-popping structures. Working together is an important aspect of “Minecraft Earth” since playing solo will be far more difficult on account that you’ll need to travel the real world to collect the materials needed to build massive structures.

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