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‘Minecraft Earth’ release date: No PVP in-game but stealing will still be an option in some instances

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“Minecraft Earth” is set to push the boundaries of VR gaming and is gearing up to release its beta version in both Android and iOS sometime this summer. While there are a lot of interesting mechanics to discuss, social interaction is one of the aspects of the game that has emerged on the forefront.

Particularly, player versus player in “Minecraft Earth.” Microsoft already said that they’re not going to implement the mechanic for the game as their goal is to encourage people to collaborate in creating stunning megastructures.

However, someone can still opt to steal another player’s block in “Minecraft Earth” if they chose to. The catch here is that a particular player needs to be invited to a local session to be able to commit thievery. And that’s not mentioning the fact that they’d be close to the player that they’re stealing from, The Verge reported.

Minecraft Earth will still have griefers to some extent

This certainly lowers the chances of griefing, although it doesn’t get rid of it entirely either. This isn’t surprising given that Microsoft is still ironing out the details in “Minecraft Earth” and how to properly address all these complications that may result in real world altercations.

This is especially true if other players start building structures that are offensive like Swastikas symbols. And of course, this being “Minecraft,” there’s a high probability that a lot of people will start creating phalluses-inspired buildings as well. The good news is that Microsoft will employ an approval system for “Minecraft Earth” that would ensure that creativity isn’t being used for griefing.

Minecraft Earth will be first tested on five cities for the beta version

It goes without saying that this game has a lot of potential to be huge, especially since Microsoft is launching this globally in every location that can be found in OpenStreetsMap. However, the company will not be implementing this outright since “Minecraft Earth” will be tested on five different cities first, Windows Central reported.

As of this writing, nothing has been revealed what specific cities the beta will take place, although at least one will be outside the United States. With “Minecraft” already a household name, there’s no denying that millions of players will flock towards “Minecraft Earth” to express their creativity in the virtual realm and show their creation to their friends and the public.

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