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Crypto Review Platforms

The crypto market features not only traders and service providers. To help people choose the best products and services, review platforms accumulate user feedback. All of them have their pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, which makes it extremely important to know which feedback aggregator to apply to.

Here are some of the best review platforms in the world.


Launched on October 30, 2017, Cheddur is the site to visit for cryptocurrency guidance. Essentially, Cheddur is a social platform that provides information about all the cryptocurrencies and helps you discover and learn about any cryptocurrency in the world.

It is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency site as it provides a platform where you can easily start learning on any cryptocurrency or crypto application.

Cheddur also allows you to accept payments in crypto, share coin addresses with other people, write reviews, get updates on the different apps and coins, and offers several more exciting functions.

The information and writing guidelines are presented so that any user can get and use the information regardless of their cryptocurrency background. Creators of this website are convinced that everyone deserves to be part of the cryptocurrency revolution.

This site is beginner-friendly and does not require users to have any prior crypto handling experience.

Another exciting feature is that the site offers explanations of terms that may seem difficult. One just needs to click on the information icon next to the term to get more information about it.

Cheddur is easily accessible via Android, iPhone, and iPad.

The platform is a social site I would recommend to anyone interested in joining the crypto world.


Affgadgets is a review site that looks to help you make informed purchasing decisions by giving you the right information on a wide variety of products that you wish to use. It has a database of over 4,400 products across over 410 categories which means that whatever product you are looking for is most likely listed on the site.

The reviews on this site come from users from different backgrounds across the world and multiple industries, which is important in giving you balanced and reliable reviews irrespective of your location.

Affgadgets site also allows you to purchase select products, and with every product or service you purchase through the site comes a dedicated 24/7 customer care.

The site has a search bar that allows you to easily locate the product or service you are looking for.

Some of the notable industries the site inspects are:

  1. Marketing-related products and services: Internet marketing tools, VPNs, video marketing tools, landing pages builders, etc.
  2. Trading-related products and services.
  3. Web hosting-related products and services.
  4. Cryptocurrency-related products and services.
  5. Gambling and Hazard-related services.
  6. SEO-related products and services.
  7. Software-related products and services.
  8. Health.
  9. Business.

From the wide range of products and services, Affgadgets is one of the best review platforms to visit before making your purchasing decisions.


Are you looking for a place to write about the blockchain technology and get rewards for it? Revain is a must-visit site. It allows authors to leave feedback and reviews on any cryptocurrency and get rewarded with RVN, a stable currency used for transactions within the site that can be converted into the R token.

Revain offers reviews in the field of cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges, wallets, bitcoin debit cards.

Here are some of the reasons to use it:

  1. The user gets a reward for their review.
  2. The website uses a stable RVN currency which is less volatile than other cryptocurrencies.
  3. The reviews published on the site cannot be changed or deleted due to the Bitcoin blockchain technology.
  4. It is a valuable site for developers as it allows all the users to share their thoughts and ideas on how best to improve the current market products. This enables service providers to learn on user needs.
  5. The website exploits IBM AI to block fake reviews.

Revain is a convenient and easy-to-navigate site that offers features that fit for any device.

This is a place where everyone can find trustworthy, reliable, and verified reviews to help up their experience.


Created in 2007, Trustpilot has rapidly grown to transform into one of the most powerful review platforms in the world. It currently boasts of over 56 million reviews on the site, over 265,000 businesses reviewed, 2.50 billion monthly impressions, and over 1% of Alexa rank.

It is a review platform where product users freely share their experiences while companies use shared experiences to make better products.

The platform’s main agenda is to give both the consumers and producers great experiences. That is why it takes pride in offering a collaborative environment for the users to discover and share businesses, while the companies use consumer feedbacks as tools to improve business results.

Users can easily create an account and become part of the community so as to start sharing their experiences. There is also a dedicated customer care support to help in case of any issue.

The Trustpilot is user-friendly and easily accessible with any device or browser.

There is always the truth in numbers, and if the impressive numbers, visits, impressions, and companies reviewed represent something to go by, then Trustpilot can be considered a trustworthy review platform.

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