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iPhone 13 release date, specs: Reverse wireless charging could be underway

Photo credit: Brandon Romanchuk (@currentspaces) / Unsplash

Reverse wireless charging is one of the premium smartphone features yet to arrive on any iPhone. However, the iPhone 13 is reportedly getting an upgrade that could finally make it happen.

iPhone 13 specs: Will it include ‘PowerDrop’?

The latest video of YouTube channel EverythingApplePro reported on some iPhone 13 details from leaker Max Weinbach. Apple is said to be applying a “slightly bigger” wireless charging coil for its upcoming smartphones this year.

The upgrade to a larger coil is expected to increase the surface area to prompt wireless charging and MagSafe chargers. It could also lead to the improvement of heat management and deliver higher wattage on the iPhone 13 series. However, another speculated benefit is the addition of a reverse wireless charging function.

Reverse wireless charging allows smartphones to function as power banks. Aside from compatible smartphones, the feature is also often used on accessories with smaller batteries, like wireless earbuds and wearable devices, that support wireless charging. It has been available on several premium Android phones over the last couple of years, and iPhone fans have been wondering when the same feature would arrive on Apple’s devices. The feature has appeared in a number of concepts, and some also hope that it would be called “PowerDrop.”

There are also some indications that Apple may have been planning to add reverse wireless charging even before iPhone 13. A few weeks after the iPhone 12 launch, VentureBeat’s Jeremy Horwitz found that an Apple FCC filing made references to “Wireless Power Transfer” (WPT) for the iPhone 12. The document reads, “2020 iPhones also support WPT charging function at 360 kHz to charge accessories.” It sparked speculations that Apple could later activate a reverse wireless charging feature through an OTA update, but that has yet to happen.

iPhone 13 release date

While the iPhone 13 series is expected to sport several upgrades, reports have claimed that its design will be similar to the 2020 phone. Reliable sources have also referred to the upcoming devices as “iPhone 12s,” so fans still have to wait for Apple’s announcement to confirm the lineup’s official name.

Apple is expected to bring its iPhone event back to its usual schedule. It means fans are likely to see the iPhone 13 unveiled sometime in September.

Photo by Brandon Romanchuk on Unsplash

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