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iPad Air 4 release date: Tablet’s launch still expected on September 8 with new Apple Watch, per Jon Prosser’s sources

Apple iPad Pro 2020 | Photo credit: Daniel Romero (@rmrdnl) on Unsplash

The fourth generation of iPad Air has been one of the rumored devices Apple would announce before the year ends. Despite other conflicting reports, known leaker Jon Prosser says his inside sources expressed confidence that a new iPad Air is slated to launch, with a new Apple Watch, as early as this week.

iPad Air 4 release date: Jon Prosser’s sources insist on September 8 launch

Various insiders have different reports on whether or not Apple is launching new devices this month. Prosser, on the other hand, has not deviated from his original tip that says a new iPad and the Apple Watch Series 6 would be announced in early September.

As of Monday, Sept. 7, Prosser updated his almost to 250,000 Twitter followers that his Apple sources “are not budging” about an Apple Watch and an iPad Air waiting to be unveiled on Tuesday, Sept. 8 through a press release. Paired with other Apple rumors, the iPad Air 4 is the most anticipated tablet the could be included in this week’s announcement.

In another tweet earlier this week, Prosser reported that the press release is planned to be made public by 9 a.m. EST on Tuesday. On that note, the world could be just a few hours from seeing the highly anticipated iPad Air 4 if these reports pan out.

As mentioned, other insiders -- who also have reputable track records -- expressed doubts that Apple is going to announce a new device this week or even in the entire month of September. But other Twitter users have pointed out that the Apple Watch 5 is no longer available for online purchase on Apple’s website. That is usually a sign that a successor is about to be added to the system. This then adds weight to the claims that the iPad Air 4 and Apple Watch 6 announcements are just around the corner.

iPad Air 4 rumored specs include an improved processor, iPad Pro-like features

Aside from the reported launch of iPad Air 4 this month, the device has also appeared in several reports claiming that it is slated to receive some significant hardware improvements. MyDrivers have claimed that the tablet would be powered by the A12Z Bionic, which is the same chip found on the latest iPad Pro models.

Like the newest iPad Pro, iPad Air 4 is also allegedly switching to a USB-C port. This should mark a major change in the iPad Air series since it has been using the Lightning connector up to its latest version released in March 2019. Just based on these reported specs, it appears that Apple is aiming to advertise the next iPad Air as a more portable yet productivity-oriented tablet.

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