Saul Eslake

Saul Eslake

In 2016, Saul Eslake was appointed as the University of Tasmania's inaugural Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow. A focus of his efforts in the role will be the University’s Institute for the Study of Social Change, where he will provide advice and leadership on new research programs designed to analyse and address the social and economic challenges facing our local community and nation as a whole. His work also will centre upon the importance of education to Tasmania.

This is a part-time role; Saul is also an independent consulting economist.

Saul Eslake has worked as an economist in the Australian financial markets for 25 years, including 14 years as Chief Economist at the Australia & New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ).

After leaving ANZ in mid-2009, Saul was Director of the Productivity Growth program at the Grattan Institute, a non-aligned public policy 'think tank' affiliated with the University of Melbourne, and a part-time Advisor in PricewaterhouseCoopers' Economics & Policy practice.

From 2011 to 2015, Saul was Chief Economist at the Australian arm of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, before establishing a private consultancy in Tasmania.

Saul is a non-executive director of Hydro Tasmania (the Tasmanian state-owned electricity generator), and Chair of the Board of Ten Days on the Island (Tasmania's biennial multi-arts festival). He has previously been a member of the National Housing Supply Council and the Australian Statistics Advisory Committee; Chair of the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board; and a non-executive director of the Australian Business Arts Foundation. He was also a member of the Howard Government's Foreign Affairs and Trade Policy Advisory Councils, and of the Rudd Government's Long-Term Tourism Strategy Steering Committee.

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U.S. Treasuries suffer ahead of initial jobless claims, 10-year TIPS auction

The U.S. Treasuries continued to be beaten Thursday as investors look forward to the countrys weekly initial jobless claims, scheduled to be released today by 13:30GMT, followed by the Philly Fed Manufacturing index, due...

UK gilts slump on expectations of decline in December retail sales

The UK gilts slumped Thursday on expectations that the countrys December retail sales, due on January 19 by 09:30GMT will fall -0.6 percent, compared to 1.1 percent in November, adding further direction to the debt...

Global Geopolitical Series: Trump likely to slap hefty fines on China over intellectual property theft

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German bunds plunge in silent trading session ahead of ECB member Coeure’s speech

The German bunds plunged Thursday amid a silent trading session ahead of European Central Bank (ECB) member Coeures speech, scheduled to be held today by 14:30GMT for further direction in the debt market. The German...

Australian unemployment rate likely to trend lower over next few months, remain supportive of wage growth recovery

Australias unemployment rate is expected to trend lower over the next few months, which should help to support an eventual recovery in wage growth, according to a recent report from ANZ Research. Looking at the countrys...


GOP tax plan doubles down on policies that are crushing the middle class

The U.S. middle class has always had a special mystique. It is the heart of the American dream. A decent income and home, doing better than ones parents, and retiring in comfort are all hallmarks of a middle-class...

What does Ramaphosa's victory mean for South Africa's economy?

A great deal is expected from Cyril Ramaphosa who was elected as the president of South Africas governing party, the African National Congress (ANC). This positions him to become the countrys president in 2019. Sibonelo...

Cyril Ramaphosa prepares to confront South Africa's bleak future

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Is the British monarchy actually adapting to changing social norms?

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Politics won out over international law in recent UN elections

For the first time in the courts history, the UK will not have a judge sitting at the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Christopher Greenwood, who was seeking a second nine-year term, pulled out of the race on November...


Urban Farming Could Be Humanity’s Best Hope To Solve Deforestation And World Hunger

World hunger and global deforestation are two of the biggest problems assaulting humanity right now. Sure, theres also climate change, but it can almost be considered an umbrella under which all of the global threats from...

Automation Takes Over Stem Cell Manufacturing Too, FDA Approves

When discussing stem cell research, most people would likely bring up scientists harvesting stem cells from living tissue. While this is certainly true, there is now a new method that would allow researchers to manufacture...

Popular Pain Medication Ibuprofen Could Lead To Male Infertility, Study Says

Ibuprofen is one the most well-known pain medications in the West, taken by millions of people every day. Its a particular favorite of many athletes who suffer from muscle soreness and joint pains. According to a recent...

Scientists 3D-Print Living Tissue That Form Shapes, Pointless Or Gateway To Westworld?

Synthetic tissue has been a huge source of excitement in the scientific community for years, especially after 3D-printing technology really took off. Recently, scientists reveal that they were able to create shapes with...

Climate Change Impact Will Include More Asylum Seekers In Cooler Countries, Study Says

The impact that climate change can have is nearly universal. It pervades every aspect of human and animal life, making the planet uninhabitable by the day. One of the most alarming results of the increasingly hostile...


Apple Employees Get $2,500 Bonuses In Celebration Of Major Tax Cut

Apple might be a little late to the celebration game, but it will reportedly be giving employees $2,500 in bonuses to celebrate the recently passed tax cut bill. These bonuses will supposedly come in restricted stock units...

iPhone Users Beware, New iMessage ‘Text Bug’ Is Freezing Devices

A new bug that targets the iMessage feature on iPhones called chaiOS is currently floating around. Users who receive a message containing this bug are warned not to open it because it will cause their devices to crash....

Apple To Pay $38 Billion In Tax For Plans To Bring Home Its Billions From Overseas

Apple recently announced that it would be bringing home the bulk of its overseas funds, which happens to be the largest of any U.S. company. This would involve paying $38 billion in taxes, but it seems the company doesnt...

Apple Is Hiring For Work-From-Home Jobs Positions

Job hunters might want to perk up and pay attention. Apple is currently looking for new employees for both full-time and part-time positions that would allow them to work from home. Officially called At Home Advisors, the...

China Adds To Apple iPhone Slowdown Woes, Wants Answers

Yet another consumer group from a major smartphone market is looking for answers from Apple with regards to the issue of slowing down older iPhones. The Shanghai Consumer Council sent the Cupertino firm a letter, asking...
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