Kate Bone

Kate Bone

Lecturer, Massey University
Research Interests:

- Sociology of work

- Qualitative research

- Worker wellbeing

- Precarious employment

- Young workers

- Transitions to the workplace

- Studies in Higher Education

- Tourism

Dependent and vulnerable: the experiences of academics on casual and insecure contracts

Jul 18, 2019 07:18 am UTC| Insights & Views Law

A majority of academic staff at some of Australias top universities work in casual or fixed-term positions. This reflects a trend towards casualisation in academia, and other industries, in Australia and New...



US investment banks take funding intended for small businesses

Investment banks advising on corporate dealmaking received tens of millions of dollars from the $660 billion Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which were earmarked to assist small businesses in the pandemic-induced...

Canada urged to focus on boosting economy than managing debt

Analysts say Canada should focus on implementing measures to boost economic growth and incentives to get people back to work instead of managing its budget deficit. Due to the countrys growing debt, Fitch downgraded...

EU warns of decisive action against US over trade disputes

The EU is threatening to take decisive action against the US over its unwillingness to settle the issue of aircraft subsidies and its plan to conduct new investigations in trade deficits. The aircraft trade dispute...

S. Korea posts record-high forex reserves of $410.75-B

South Koreas foreign exchange reserves reached a record high of $410.75 billion in June, having gained $3.44 billion from May due to profits and investment returns from overseas assets and a weak dollar. The June...

International banks sue Argentine soy crusher for diverting funds

International creditor banks are suing Argentine soy crusher Vicentin of diverting hundreds of millions of dollars and have asked a US court to subpoena records as part of a lawsuit, including wire transfers and bank...


Melania Trump: Former aide to FLOTUS to write a tell-all book

There have been quite a few books written about first lady Melania Trump, the latest being by Washington Post reporter Mary Jordan called The Art of Her Deal. Now, another book is being written about the first lady, but...

Donald Trump: POTUS says waving of the Confederate flag is "freedom of speech"

100% uniqueness President Donald Trump has recently ripped into NASCAR for its decision to ban the Confederate flag in its events following the changes sparked by the death of George Floyd to put an end to the...

Melania Trump’s Independence Day dress makes headlines, prompts fact-check reports

United States First Lady Melania Trump has received both applause and criticisms for her fashion choices over the years. However, her eve of Independence Day dress garnered social media attention for quite a unique reason...

Donald Trump fury: POTUS attacks Bubba Wallace on Twitter, says NASCAR driver should apologize for noose scandal

With the issue of systemized racism in the United States placed front and center in recent months, Donald Trump has earned backlash across the board for his failure to address the issue. Following the controversy...


Black hole: Scientist addresses the concern that the universe could collapse into a supermassive black hole

There have been many theories suggesting what could happen when the universe has reached its final or ultimate end or at least what would happen once the Sun dies out. One scientist, in particular, weighed in on the...

Archaeologists discover remains of guillotine victims inside a chapel in France

Being executed by guillotine seems like the most gruesome type of execution there is for its bloody nature. Archaeologists have recently uncovered the skeletal remains of around 500 victims of the deadly machine inside the...

NASA: Hubble Space Telescope photographs a supernova remnant

Along with the creation of celestial objects such as stars, destruction is also present in the form of violent supernovas that would follow dying stars. The Hubble Space Telescope was able to capture a remnant from a...

Archaeologists find proof of tooth decay and cavities in 9,000-year-old discoveries

It is clear that many problems that were once prevalent in ancient times are no longer a problem today and vice versa. However, there are some problems that, as archaeologists have found, have been actually been present...


‘World of Warcraft’ bonus events reward players with passive reputations buffs

World of Warcraft players looking to improve their in-game reputation faster than the normal process will have several chances to do it until next week. All they have to do is join special events, including the Cataclysm...

‘The Sims 5’: Would EA launch it on Nintendo Switch?

EA and Maxis life simulation series has to be one of the most popular video game franchises ever. It is then only natural for fans anticipating the release of The Sims 5 to ask if the next installment would mark the IPs...

‘Kingdom Hearts 4’: What ‘Re:Mind’ tells fans about Sora’s fate and the franchise’s future

The wait for Kingdom Hearts 4 has officially started when players complete the missions and stories in the KH3: Re:Mind DLC released earlier this year. Fans should make sure they explore all the endings included in the...

‘GTA 6’: Is the next game already in development?

This year, the GTA V title will officially become a game that is supported by three generations of consoles from both Sony and Microsoft. Fans may find it exciting or disappointing depending on how much they want to get a...
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