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‘World of Warcraft: Classic - Burning Crusade’ release date: Closed beta test goes live; here’s how to join

From the “For Azeroth - 25 Years of Warcraft” promo trailer | Photo credit: Blizzard Entertainment via World of Warcraft channel / YouTube screenshot

“World of Warcraft: Classic - Burning Crusade” expansion is still on track to launch in the coming months. Another indication that its development is moving along well, is the launch of the closed beta tests earlier this week.

Blizzard launches ‘World of Warcraft: Classic - Burning Crusade’ closed beta

Blizzard’s community manager Kaivax confirmed in a forum post this week that the “World of Warcraft: Classic - Burning Crusade” closed beta tests went live after select players were sent invitations to join the program. But as reiterated in the update, access to the ongoing beta tests are “by invitation only.”

Fans can have the chance to join the “World of Warcraft: Classic - Burning Crusade” closed beta by using the opt-in button on the game’s official page. However, there is no guarantee that opting in to the program will lead to getting an invitation. But, for now, this is the only way players can get their names in the hat.

Screenshot from World of Warcraft official page

The exact parameters Blizzard uses to determine who gets invited in closed beta tests remain unknown to the public. But in 2019, Blizzard community manager Bornakk confirmed that they do not select testers based on who submitted their opt-in requests first. “We look at a variety of factors such as the age of the account,” the community manager added.

Meanwhile, based on past experiences, Blizzard might send another wave of closed beta invitations before the official launch of “World of Warcraft: Classic - Burning Crusade.” So it would help fans get closer to joining the gameplay tests by using the beta opt-in option.

‘World of Warcraft: Classic - Burning Crusade’ release date: What to expect

The launch of the “Burning Crusade” expansion for “World of Warcraft: Classic” was one of the biggest announcements during Blizzard Entertainment’s BlizzConline events last month. When it originally launched in 2007, “Burning Crusade” added two new playable races to the franchise -- Draenei (Alliance) and Blood Elves (Horde).

The specific release date for “World of Warcraft: Classic - Burning Crusade” has not been announced yet, but it is speculated to go live later this year. Aside from downloading the game, it will also require an active account and a World of Warcraft subscription.

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