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‘The Elder Scrolls 4: Skyblivion’ developers are in need of more volunteers to finish the project

Photo via Screenshot of Rebelzize/Youtube

“The Elder Scrolls 4: Skyblivion” recently made waves after TESRenewal released a teaser video highlighting the team’s progress about this massive project. The developers have made a lot of changes in “Oblivion” after transferring it to the Skyrim engine.

But despite TESRenewal’s progress, the team did say that there’s still plenty of work to be done on “The Elder Scrolls 4: Skyblivion.” The endeavor started back in 2012 with all of the work being handled by volunteers.

The team currently has 50 members working on “The Elder Scrolls 4: Skyblivion” but this isn’t enough. Thus, the developers have reached out to the gaming community and asked for help in completing the project.

The Elder Scrolls 4: Skyblivion attracts the attention of Skyrim Grandma

The team placed emphasis on tasks revolving 3D and coding, but also didn’t dismiss volunteers that may be interested in concept art, texture art, and CK modding. Upon completion, “The Elder Scrolls 4: Skyblivion” will be free for anyone who owns “Oblivion,” “Skyrim,” and all their respective DLCs, Eurogamer reported. It’s still unclear how much work needs to be done but the team did say that they’re close.

As for the general impression on “The Elder Scrolls 4: Skyblivion,” most – if not all – are eager to get their hands on this version. Even Shirley Curry – otherwise known as Skyrim Grandma – have expressed her desire to play the game and asked the team if it’s going to be purely single-player. TESRenewal assures her that it’s going to be.

The Elder Scrolls 4: Skyblivion developers refused to take money for their efforts

The community is so impressed with the team’s progress that some are even willing to donate money to accelerate the project. However, the developers said that they would not be accepting money for “The Elder Scrolls 4: Skyblivion” as they want to stay true to what they’ve promised before they started the project.

“Though we could set up donations/Patreon we rather just stay true to our goal which is to make this project happen out of love and passion for the community and the series. We feel money might corrupt that vision,” Rebelzize wrote. With such sentiment pushing “The Elder Scrolls 4: Skyblivion” forward, it’s no wonder that the trailer came out the way it did. This game will undoubtedly burn so many hours, which is great as it will help the community tide over until such time that “The Elder Scrolls 6” come out.

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