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The Best Ideas for a Lounge Area in Big Companies

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Having a big company includes having a long list of responsibilities. Other than having to think about how to keep the business on the right track and keeping up with the competition, those who run big companies also have to think about the small things like making the employees feel comfortable and how to make the ideal working environment.

Nowadays, big companies are aware that in order to keep the employees motivated they need to go the extra mile to make everyone who works for them feel safe, welcome, and relaxed. And one of the ways to achieve this is with an amazing lounge area. Lounge areas across the world are used by the employees in many different ways. Some will go there to simply rest for a bit and others will visit or other similar platforms to play online casino games. Moreover, some can even go there to have a friendly chat with their colleagues. The point is that people who work in big companies come to lounge areas to relax. Therefore they must be organized and decorated so that they create a soothing and pleasant atmosphere.

In this article, we’ll take a look at different tips and ideas for lounge areas in big companies.

Make it Spacious

Most companies rely on the help of an architect or interior designer when they are organizing the new workspace. So, it’s important that you point out to the person or people who are in charge of this task to plan a spacious lounge area where people who work in your company wouldn’t feel cramped. Of course, it’s very unlikely that all of your employees will use the lounge area at the same time. But you should plan that most of those who work in your company shouldn’t fight over a free chair whenever they want to take a break.

Use Natural Light

When planning the lounge area in your company it’s good to plan it beforehand so that you would use the best possible room for this purpose. One of the things that a lounge area should have is plenty of sunlight. The sunlight is beneficial for our well-being in many ways. Firstly, sunlight is essential for providing our bodies with vitamin D. Also, it has a positive impact on our mood. So, by having a lounge area filled with natural light your employees would be healthier and in a better state of mind.

Moreover, if your budget allows it you can have a separate lounge area that would be out in the open. This lounge area could be used only on warmer and sunny days, but it is a good idea because the people working in your company can get some fresh air from time to time. However, not all companies have the possibility to have such a lounge area. Some of the possibilities include a terrace, a balcony, the top of the building, or even around the premises if the company has a garden or a front yard.

Plan The Colors

Most people think that colors are not that important, and when planning a lounge area, they immediately choose something trendy and think that it’s the best solution. But, there is more to colors than meets the eye. Some colors have a more positive impact on our mood and mental well-being than others.

According to color psychology, shades of yellow are connected to power, communication, as well as self-esteem. Red is also a color that inspires action and energy. Also, if your company has a specific color pattern used in its logo, you can also use some of those colors and include them in the lounge area.

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Add Some Games

Even though there are many ways in which your employees can have fun on their mobile devices, you should also consider including some real-life games in the lounge area. Tablets and smartphones offer access to different types of games, from casino and puzzle games to RPG and Battle Royale. However, the in-person interaction with other players can also be beneficial for the work environment, since it can bring people together.

So, you can acquire a collection of board games for your lounge area, or if you can, you can add several TVs and consoles with games that are made for two or more players. These types of lounge areas can bring your employees closer together, and make the entire working environment less stressful.

Think About Adding A Coffee Bar

Coffee and sometimes tea is something that a great number of people think about when they want to relax. So adding a coffee bar would be a perfect addition to your lounge area. This coffee bar doesn’t need to be very large. It can include only several kinds of coffee and other hot beverages like hot chocolate and tea. Moreover, if your budget is tight, you can at least add a coffee machine so that your employees won’t have to leave the company’s premises to get their drink.

On the other hand, if your budget allows it, and you want to have a proper coffee area, then there are several options to think about. Next to coffee, tea, and hot chocolate you can also include food and desserts, like sandwiches, cupcakes, or tarts. Moreover, you can have a bartender or even a waiter that would work in the lounge area. It all depends on how much money you are willing to spend.


Last but not least is the music. Even though you shouldn’t play loud music in your lounge area, you must plan some kind of a sound system that would play positive and relaxing music. It’s very probable that all of your employees will be fans of different types of music, so for the sake of treating everyone equally, you should always opt for something neutral. There are various lounge music playlists that you can find on YouTube that could give you an idea of what kind of music you will need.

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