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Tesla Cybertruck release date, specs, price: Close to 500,000 pre-orders were reportedly made since the announcement

From the official Tesla Cybertruck trailer | Photo credit: Tesla / YouTube screenshot

Tesla Cybertruck is one of the biggest products announced by the company in 2019. It sparked varying opinions, mostly because of its design. But it appears that the vehicle still has seen a strong market response as about half a million pre-orders were reportedly made since the announcement of the electric pick-up.

Tesla Cybertruck: Around 500,000 people likely pre-ordered the bizarrely designed truck

The vehicle was unveiled late last November, and its overall appearance does not disappoint when considering how it was named. The promotional materials leading to its unveiling event also suggested that the company is opting for a cyberpunk-themed vehicle. Many car enthusiasts commented online that the pick-up’s design was not their taste. But Tesla Cybertruck’s launch was still a success if the reported pre-order number is to be believed.

First, it should be noted that the company has not yet released an official, updated number of pre-orders for the electric pick-up truck. But reports, based on crowdsourced data from more than 1,400 Tesla fans, that around 500,000 have likely been made for all Tesla Cybertruck configurations.

From the same data collected, the top 10 states from where most Tesla Cybertruck reservations came from have also been named. California dominates (12.9%) the list followed by Texas (6.3%), Florida (5.43%), Washington ( 4.13%), Arizona (3.84%), Colorado (3.26%), New York (2.68%), North Carolina (2.32%), Georgia (2.17%), and Virginia (2.03%). The crowdsourced data collection includes reservation numbers made outside the United States as shown in a Google Sheets file here.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that they have received 146,000 pre-orders after less than two days since the Cybertruck’s reveal. He updated the figure to 187,000 in the next day and on to 250,000 on Nov. 26. The company has yet to reveal the official and updated count since then.

Tesla Cybertruck release date, specs, price: What to expect

Much of the technical specifications of Tesla Cybertruck are expected to be announced later, but its bodywork is clearly making the electric pick-up an enticing purchase. It is covered in ultra-hard cold-rolled 30x stainless steel and an armored glass with a polymer-layered component. The Cybertruck’s EPA estimated range is currently at 250+ miles, its promised with a towing capacity of more than 7,500 lbs, and advertised to accelerate (0-60mph) in less than 6.5 seconds.

It is currently available in three variants: Single Motor RWD ($39,900), Dual Motor AWD ($49,900), and Tri Motor AWD ($69,900). Pre-ordering Tesla Cybertruck will only require customers to pay a fully-refundable $100 today since the full configuration is not yet available until the vehicle is close to entering production slated in late 2021.

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