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Tesla Model Y release date: Email confirmations for March delivery have been sent to US and Canada customers

From the Tesla Model Y unveil video | Photo credit: Tesla / YouTube screenshot

Fans of electric vehicles who have ordered a Tesla Model Y will have something great to look forward to in March. Several customers shared online that they have finally received email confirmations from Tesla for the electric crossover’s delivery in the coming weeks.

Tesla Model Y release date: Company is on track to make March deliveries happen

Tesla Model Y orders were initially planned to be delivered in late 2020. However, insider reports came out in the final months of 2019, suggesting that the company would be able to move up the delivery schedule. This was later confirmed during Tesla’s Q4 2019 earnings call, where the company noted that Tesla Model Y would be delivered in the latter part of Q3 2020, aka within March.

This week, customers from the United States and Canada have gone to Twitter to share screenshots of emails from Tesla to confirm that their ordered Tesla Model Y is slated to be delivered next month. Customers are being asked to confirm their available dates for the delivery.

Some reports mentioned that the email confirmations were sent out to customers who have placed Tesla Model Y orders early. However, Washington-based Model Y buyer Howard Feinstein shared in a Twitter thread that he already secured a delivery date, and he just placed his order for a Tesla Model Y Performance last Feb. 7.

Note, though, that the exact delivery schedules may vary depending on the customer’s location. In Feinstein’s case, he shared in another Twitter reply that the earliest Tesla Model Y delivery date offered to him is on March 15. Canada-based Tesla customers have also received email notifications to prepare for their Model Y delivery in March.

Tesla Model Y specs: Electric crossover gets range boost before release

The earlier delivery schedule was not the only good news Tesla Model Y customers received before the end of 2019. The company announced that it upped its range to 315 miles in a single charge from the originally announced 300 miles when the car was unveiled in March 2019. In Tesla’s official website, the vehicle is advertised to recharge up to 158 miles in 15 minutes.

As a crossover vehicle, Tesla Model Y’s maximum capacity is up to seven adult passengers with the option of setting up the third seating row. It accelerates from 0 to 60mph in about 3.5 seconds with a top speed of 145mph.

The Tesla Model Y supports Tesla’s autopilot tech, and like other vehicles from the company, updates can be deployed over-the-air through its software system. The purchase price of a Tesla Model Y starts at $52,990 for an All-Wheel Drive Long Range variant while its Performance counterpart’s base price is $60,990.

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