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Perry Lieber Shares the Best Ways to Exercise at Home and How to See Success with Creating a Routine

With many gyms across the world being closed, fitness classes have moved online, and many people are bringing the gym into their own home. However, even with the accessibility of home workout videos and at-home gym equipment available for purchase, finding the motivation to exercise at home can become more difficult than you'd think.

Perry Adam Lieber, a personal trainer and professional health and fitness entrepreneur from Santa Barbara, California, understands how challenging finding ways to stay fit at home and seeing success with creating a consistent at-home fitness routine can be — especially if you're only used to exercising at a public fitness center.

Navigating through smaller spaces, a lack of gym equipment, or trying to find no noise workouts (especially for those who live in apartment buildings or condos) can be discouraging, but with proper planning and a winning attitude, keeping up with our physical health at home can be easy and fun. Lieber shares how to stay motivated and adapt your workout from home so that you can see health and fitness success by creating a consistent routine.

Know Your Motivation

Just as you set goals and intentions to move forward in life, you should also be setting goals for how to successfully keep healthy. Perry Lieber recommends forgetting about your current limitations and instead, knowing your "why." Knowing your why will help you find your emotional drive and will make staying consistent with a health a fitness routine easier and much more enjoyable.

Set a Schedule

Keeping a consistent health and fitness routine is much more possible when you plan it out. First, create your weekly schedule and carve out a set time a few times per week for at-home fitness. Aim to schedule at least 40 minutes a day (or every other day) for your home exercise routines, suggests Perry Adam Lieber. You can gather inspiration from online fitness videos that may include body weight training, HIIT intervals, yoga and stretching, etc. And, if you need a change of scenery, you can always bring your workouts outdoors. Regardless of your exercise preference, just keep moving.

Be Kind to Yourself

Having more self-compassion will increase the likelihood that you'll succeed in any given practice. Remember that whatever your fitness routine looks like, it's unique to you and your personal goals. While you can use others' routines and fitness journeys as motivation, you should never compare yourself to anyone else. Rather, set your own personal goals and work hard at achieving them every day.

Shake Up Your Home Gym

It's normal to become uninspired when exercising at home, says Perry Lieber. Perhaps an exercise that you may have previously loved no longer does it for you. While normal, it's important to keep at it.

If you're feeling uninspired or less challenged, it's time to change things up. A simple tip would be to invest in some personal gear for your home gym. Not all budgets allow for a treadmill or exercise bike, but some simple free weights, kettlebells, or resistance bands won't break the bank and will bring plenty of much-needed endorphins your way.

Perry Lieber on Making Time for Rest

Making time for rest is essential to any exercise routine. Specifically, rest is important for recovery and muscle growth. Exercise can create microscopic tears in your muscle tissue, but during rest, cells called fibroblasts repair them. Rest can also prevent a workout plateau or overtraining. Above all, when you optimize the ratio of exercise to rest, you'll reach your fitness goals faster.

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