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PS5 restock via Target expected on the week of Feb. 15; how to increase chances of getting a new-gen console

Sony PlayStation 5 and DualSense Controller | Photo credit: Kerde Severin (@kseverin) / Pexels

There is good news for gamers still looking to snag a unit of Sony’s new-generation console, the PlayStation 5. Multiple sources have reported that Target will have PS5 drops this week, and they could become available online as soon as Monday or Tuesday this week.

Where to look for PS5 restock this week?

PS5 restock activities are still very sporadic, which is expected to be the case throughout the first half of the year. On the bright side, video game fans can rely on several online sources that usually get early tips when major retailers receive some console supplies giving customers a heads up on what store to track.

Spiel Times, YouTube content creator Jake Randall, and the Twitter restock tracking page @PS5RestockAlert have all reported having sources that Target is very likely to drop some PS5 units this week. It is worth noting that these three tipsters have all had reliable information in previous months when it comes to upcoming PS5 restock, so it will not hurt to keep an eye on Target’s PS5 product pages in the coming days.

They have all reported over the weekend that Target just received new units of PS5, and they also agree that the retailer is known for immediately dishing out products immediately after receiving them. This led to speculations that the PS5 drop could happen as early as Sunday, Feb. 14, but that was not the case.

The sources advise gaming fans to keep tracking PS5 movements on the official Target online store between Monday, Feb. 15 and Tuesday, Feb. 16. They also suggest to look out for potential PS5 drops between 3 a.m. ET / 12 a.m. PT to 8 a.m. ET / 5 a.m. ET. As of this writing, the product pages for the disc-and-digital PS5 ($499.99) and digital-only PS5 ($399.99) consoles are still marked sold out.

Tips on how to increase chances of getting a PS5 console

Now that gaming fans know which store to track for the next few days, it would not hurt to keep in mind other useful tips to increase the chances of completing an order transaction. First, it would be a great advantage to have an account signed in on the Target online store. This will help customers immediately check out their orders once they add a PS5 console to their online cart.

Having an account on any online retailer’s website means customers will not have to manually fill in their contact details, delivery address, and payment information. Making sure there is enough fund on the chosen card or other payment methods is obviously crucial in completing an order transaction.

It is also a huge help to always check updates from reliable PS5 restock sources, especially on Twitter. Aside from the sources cited above, other noteworthy Twitter pages are @Wario64, @PS5StockAlerts, @KingOfRestock, @SupplyNinja, and @iloveps_5.

Featured photo by Kerde Severin from Pexels

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