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PS5 restocks: Sony confirmed ‘limited number’ of new-gen consoles are available on Jan. 15

Sony PlayStation 5 | Photo credit: Kerde Severin (@kseverin) / Unsplash

PlayStation fans are getting another chance at finally scoring a unit of the new-gen console PlayStation 5 this week. Sony announced that it has a scheduled restock before the weekend.

Where to look for the next PS5 restock on Jan. 15

Since PS5 launched last November, it proved challenging to find an available unit of the new-gen console from Sony’s official stores and other authorized retailers. To many avid gamers, they need to find the consoles through these channels to buy them at the suggested retail price.

The good news is Sony confirmed it will have a PS5 restock on Jan. 15. The announcement was made through the Sony Rewards Twitter account. PlayStation fans were told only a “limited number” of the consoles will be up for sale, which means not everyone will close the week with a secured order of PS5.

Based on the Twitter page that made the announcement, the PS5 restocks are expected to be posted on the Sony Rewards website and not the PS Direct online store. In that case, only customers in the United States can purchase from the restocks on Friday as the Sony Rewards service is only available in the region.

There was no specific time provided on when the restocks will go live. The announcement only said the consoles “will be available tomorrow,” so it could be anytime through Jan. 15. Fans can turn on the post notifications option by clicking the bell button beside the Follow/Following button on the Sony Rewards Twitter pages.

So far, no other retailers have announced PS5 restocks. One of the best ways to keep track of available consoles is by following Twitter pages like RestockAlert.

PS5 restocks could be more frequently available in the coming months

The anticipated high demand for PS5, as well as the production and logistics limitations that the pandemic may have caused, could explain the recurring shortage of new-gen consoles since November. However, that is expected to change this year.

It was previously reported that Sony eyes to ship up to 18 million PS5 units this year. Sony is also reportedly planning on increasing the availability of new-gen consoles in other territories outside the U.S., so anyone who cannot purchase via Sony Rewards just needs a little more patience.

Featured photo by Kerde Severin on Unsplash

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