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‘PES 2020’ overtakes ‘FIFA 2020’ on Metacritic user score by a significant margin; EA acknowledges its massive blunder

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“PES 2020” has now overpassed “FIFA 2020” as this year’s best football simulation. At least, going by the user score over at Metacritic.

The review aggregator site currently has “PES 2020” sitting at 8.3 user score, while its rival is at a horrendous 1.3. Players have been review bombing EA’s entry this year as the studio released a game that is filled with bugs and numerous issues.

And the developers know it too as they’ve acknowledged these problems on the FIFA forums. The main complaint is centered on career mode where match congestion, poor AI performance, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Champions League competitions aren’t working properly, and a host of other headaches. “PES 2020,” of course, is enjoying all of these from where it’s standing.

PES 2020 needs your undivided attention

For the most part, Konami’s entry this year has been met with overall positivity as it’s far more fun and immersive than its 2019 counterpart. “PES 2020” delivers a football experience that is mainly governed by the idea of realism. Too realistic, in fact.

One of the things that can be jarring about “PES 2020” is its gameplay. Specifically, the amount of attention you’ll have to pour in the game to score a goal. And that’s not counting all the other nuances that you need to learn to take advantage of a particular team’s strength.

While some may be thrilled about this development, others who simply want to play a football game can get frustrated. And that’s understandable. “PES 2020,” at the end of the day, is a video game. And video games are meant to be enjoyed.

PES 2020 is the better choice this year

But for others who enjoy learning the deeper mechanics of a title and finds them riveting, “PES 2020” doesn’t disappoint. Superstars act like superstars on the pitch, and there’s no longer the chance of an unknown player going toe to toe against the likes of Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo without getting schooled.

Again, “PES 2020” has been built on the idea of delivering a realistic experience. Even its graphics have been made in a way that seeing an unfolding game on your screen feels like a live match between two opposing clubs.

If Konami continues to put more details on its entry next year, there’s no denying that the “FIFA” franchise will be left behind. Sure, “PES 2020” still has some issue here and there. But compared to the competition, it’s just a better option. This is especially true if you take into account that the microtransaction aspect of "FIFA 2020" is working perfectly fine.

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