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Neymar’s transfer to Real Madrid still on Ice; Rape case about PSG star may be coming to a close

Photo via Screenshot of The Players' Tribune/Youtube

Neymar’s situation is still in limbo as PSG looks for a team to take on one of the most talented players in the league. The reason why PSG wants to part ways with Neymar is due to the loyalty of the 27-year-old having said earlier that he wants out of the team.

Of course, with PSG paying a hefty sum to acquire the talented forward from Barcelona, they want to get their money’s worth back to go after other assets like ​Paulo Dybala and Gianluigi Donnarumma. So far, however, a deal surrounding Neymar is proving tricky since PSG is asking a lot for the Brazilian.

Preferably, the team wants cash – be it a direct buy or a loan – but interested teams couldn’t pony up such a hefty sum. Thus, they’ve offered cash plus a player inclusion in an attempt to lower PSG’s asking price of £200m for Neymar.

Neymar unlikely to return with Barcelona

Man Utd has already backed out of a potential loan deal, while Real Madrid is apparently offering PSG with a £110 million-plus Luka Modric. It’s still unclear what PSG’s opinion about this deal since they’ve been evaluating the Neymar situation for a while.

However, we could be hearing from them soon since the Ligue 1 campaign is due to start on Sunday, 90min reported. PSG’s sense of urgency is due to Ligue 1; wanting to part ways with Neymar as they aren’t sure about his commitment with the team. Indeed, even with his skills, it’s still uncertain whether PSG will allow him on the field since he might cause some disruptions.

Meanwhile, Barcelona’s chances of landing Neymar has further dived down as PSG is doing everything they cannot to allow the Brazilian to return to his former team. To make matters worse for Barca, Philippe Coutinho has rejected the possibility of transferring to Tottenham on a loan deal, Goal reported.

The recent development in Neymar’s rape allegations

In other news, the rape allegations surrounding Neymar may be ending soon as prosecutor Flavia Merlini has requested the judge presiding the case to close it on account of insufficient evidence. As a refresher, Neymar has been accused of raping a Brazilian woman in May at a Paris Hotel. The 27-year-old doused gasoline into the flames after he released a 7-minute video on Instagram detailing his encounter with the supposed victim in an attempt to clear his name, Rappler reported.

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