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PUMA and BMW MMS Launch Vibrant Crews Go Summer Collection

For those eager to welcome the summer in style, the BMW MMS Crews Go Summer Collection by PUMA will be available for purchase at select PUMA retail outlets and online at

In a collaboration that blends the adrenaline of motorsport with the relaxed vibes of summer, global sportswear giant PUMA, together with BMW M Motorsport (MMS), is proud to announce the launch of the Crews Go Summer Collection. This new line emerges just in time for the warmer months, offering fans a perfect blend of style, comfort, and the spirited essence of summertime.

Summer Ready with a Touch of the Racetrack

According to a press release, PUMA and BMW M Motorsport have creatively redefined what team identity looks like off the racetrack, introducing casual streetwear options that don't compromise flair or identity. The Crews Go Summer Collection embodies this reimagining with pieces that exude a lively, summer-ready energy.

From attending a heart-racing event at the racetrack to enjoying everyday urban adventures, this collection ensures that enthusiasts of both brands can showcase their allegiance while engaging in their favorite summer activities.

Innovative Design Meets Functional Style

Characterized by innovative silhouettes and workwear-inspired details, the Crews Go Summer Collection is designed for versatility and practicality without sacrificing aesthetics. Utilizing ultra-lightweight materials, the collection embraces a utilitarian yet futuristic look, perfectly combining performance with high fashion.

WebWire reported that among the standout items are t-shirts available in two distinct styles, a 2in1 pant/short combination for adaptability in any situation, and accessories like the Crews Go Summer cap and the BMW LGND sneaker to complete the ensemble. The collection's unique flair is further enhanced by special features such as dip dye effects and mini badges, offered in three eye-catching colorways: Blue Skies, Sun Stream, and Silver Mist.

Where to Find the Collection

For those eager to welcome the summer in style, the BMW MMS Crews Go Summer Collection by PUMA will be available at select PUMA retail outlets and at This collaboration invites fans and fashion-forward individuals to join the crew and make a bold statement this summer with an unforgettable blend of performance and style.

Photo: Puma Newsroom

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