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‘Halo Infinite’ release date: Gaming insider suggests Xbox might not release a lengthy gameplay deep dive at E3

From the Halo Infinite gameplay demo trailer | Photo credit: 343 Industries via HALO / YouTube screenshot

If there is one thing Xbox fans can count on this month, it is the presentation of a new “Halo Infinite” trailer. However, it is speculated that this might not be the time yet for when 343 Industries releases a gameplay deep dive video.

‘Halo Infinite’ at E3 2021: What to expect

E3 2021 is less than two weeks away, and so is Xbox’s media event. If fans still have doubts about a “Halo Infinite” presentation, they can just look at the official promo image of the joint Xbox-Bethesda event slated on June 13. They will certainly find several references to the “Halo” franchise in there.

Despite these heavy teasers for “Halo Infinite” being one of the event highlights, video game insider Jeff Grubb said during his latest podcast that he does not expect a long deep dive trailer from 343 Industries. He explained that the developers are still focused on completing and polishing the game, and working on a long deep dive gameplay trailer requires plenty of time and effort.

Last year, Xbox released an 8-minute “Halo Infinite” campaign demo that was not received well by fans due to issues in its animations and visual performance. The developers have yet to release another trailer since then, but 343 Industries later announced the game’s launch delay.

Deep dive trailers are the closest fans can get into getting an idea of how an upcoming title will perform because it is usually composed of in-game footage that runs for about 40 minutes or so. However, it is not strange for developers to release shorter versions of this kind of trailer like the one Ubisoft released recently for “Far Cry 6.”

“Halo Infinite” was originally planned as a launch title for Xbox Series X/S. But the studio later announced that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their work timeline, which ultimately led to the game’s delay to fall 2021. One thing that remains to be seen is if Xbox and 343 Industries are ready to announce a specific release date at E3.

When and where to watch the Xbox E3 event

Xbox’s E3 appearance will be very different this year as the company will be joined by Bethesda for a 90-minute presentation on Sunday, June 13, at 10 a.m. PT. The event will be streamed on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

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