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‘Halo Infinite’ multiplayer beta date: 343 Industries schedules next preview, how to register in Halo Insider

From the “Halo Infinite” season 1 cinematic intro | Photo credit: HALO channel / YouTube screenshot

After the first “Halo Infinite” preview, 343 Industries made a couple of promises. First, there will be another flight before the game’s launch. Second, the next test is planned to accommodate even more participants. It now appears that the studio is working on making those two happen.

‘Halo Infinite’ multiplayer beta details

This week has been huge for gaming fans. While many were waiting for Sony’s PlayStation showcase, 343 Industries announced it has set a date for the second (and possible final) preview for “Halo Infinite” before it is released this holiday.

Those who have already registered but were not invited to the first “Halo Infinite” flight may want to check their Halo Insider profiles once more. Halo community managers and developers have repeatedly reminded fans to make sure their profiles are complete, otherwise, they will not receive an invite to the preview.

New participants can still sign up through this page. There is also a quick checklist reminding prospective Halo Insiders, “Please note that you need to opt-in to communications, verify your email address, AND choose console and/or PC in order to be eligible for pre-release game testing programs.” Fans can also check out this video for a more detailed guide.

The good news is new Halo Insiders still have until Monday, Sept. 13 to register and complete their profiles. The developer confirmed that those who will accomplish that by the said date are all eligible to join the next “Halo Infinite” multiplayer preview.

The developers confirmed that the “Halo Infinite” multiplayer preview is going live on Friday, Sept. 24. It is unclear yet if it will happen for more than a day like the first flight.

‘Halo Infinite’ release date

Conducting the next multiplayer preview with more participants this month should give the developers ample time to polish “Halo Infinite” before its release date. It is currently set on Wednesday, Dec. 8 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox Game Pass.

There is one setback, though. The studio previously confirmed that “Halo Infinite” will launch without the campaign co-op, which happens to be one of the fan-favorite modes in the game. The campaign co-op is currently planned to launch as part of the game’s season 2 update, which means fans should not expect it within the first three months after the game’s release.

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