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‘Halo Infinite’ exact release date is confirmed for early December

From the “Halo Infinite” multiplayer season 1 cinematic intro | Photo credit: HALO channel / YouTube screenshot

One of the biggest announcements in the video game industry this year has finally happened. After getting briefly leaked on the Microsoft Store, the exact release date for “Halo Infinite” was confirmed. As promised, the game will arrive right within the holiday season.

‘Halo Infinite’ release date is set for December

Notable Microsoft and Xbox leaker Aggiornamenti Lumia spotted on early Wednesday that the Microsoft Store listing for the “Halo Infinite” campaign was updated with a release date that did not look like a placeholder. The same source explained that the product page has been live for a year showing just a placeholder date until it was updated this week to indicate that the game will be released on Wednesday, Dec. 8.

Just an hour before Aggiornamenti Lumia’s report, another well-known leaker who goes by the name Idle Sloth also found another “Halo Infinite” listing from a Taiwan-based online store. Like in Microsoft Store, the Taiwanese company also indicated that the game will be released on Dec. 8.

Luckily, the news was immediately confirmed by developer 343 Industries during the “Halo Infinite” multiplayer presentation at Gamescom’s Opening Night Live. By the end of the season 1 cinematic intro, the video shows the much-awaited release date to be Dec. 8.

Where ‘Halo Infinite’ will be launching

The game will be released on Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. “Halo Infinite” will be available on Xbox Game Pass at launch, and Microsoft also confirmed that the game would be accessible through Xbox Cloud Gaming. That means Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will be able to play it on their eligible Android, iOS, and iPadOS devices.

Before fans get too excited, it should be noted that 343 Industries recently delivered some bad news regarding missing content at launch. The developer confirmed that “Halo Infinite” will launch without the campaign co-op and Forge because “they’re just not ready,” according to ‘Halo Infinite’ Head of Creative Joseph Staten.

The missing game modes are planned to launch with “Halo Infinite” multiplayer seasonal updates next year. The campaign co-op is currently slated to go live in season 1 or three months after the game’s launch. Forge may not be available until season 2 or six months after the game arrives this holiday.

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