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Czech Republic delegation visits Taiwan

Wang Yu-ching (Office of the President) / Wikimedia Commons

A delegation from the Czech Republic led by the speaker of its lower chamber of parliament visited Taiwan over the weekend. The visit comes amidst efforts by US allies to increase support for the island and Honduras’ switch of allegiance to China.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen welcomed a 150-person delegation from the Czech Republic on Saturday with the speaker of the lower house of the Czech parliament Marketa Pekarova Adamova. Adamova’s visit follows that of the Czech Senate Speaker Milos Vystrcil in 2020 and the conversation that new Czech President Petr Pavel had with Tsai back in January, which drew the ire of Beijing.

During the meeting with Tsai at the presidential office, Adamova said she came to Taiwan despite “great pressure” from China, which claims the island as its territory and has opposed every visit by a foreign government to the democratically-governed island.

“Taiwan and the Czech Republic have both been through authoritarian rule and deeply understand that democracy has not come easily, so we can become firm partners with each other on the road of upholding democracy and freedom,” said Adamova, who told Tsai that the Czech Republic and Taiwan are strong partners.

Following a Taiwan-Czech business forum, Taiwanese economy minister Wang Mei-hua said the timing of the Czech delegation’s visit and of Honduras’ announcement were two different matters. Wang noted that the Czech visit was important.

“This visit of the delegation to Taiwan certainly represents that Taiwan is in a democratic alliance,” said Wang.

Honduras on Sunday announced that it would formally open diplomatic ties with China, narrowing down the countries that officially recognize Taiwan to 13. Despite having no official ties, the Czech Republic has sought to boost its support for the island nation.

In remarks to Taiwanese lawmakers on Tuesday, Adamova reiterated that her country would stand in support of the Taiwanese people.

“Dear lawmaker colleagues and dear people of Taiwan, I guarantee you we are with you now, we will continue to be with you and under any circumstances we are in the same boat together. Because you are with us, so we are with you,” said Adamova.

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