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Burger King Singapore launches burger in fried vegetable patties instead of buns

Photo by: Burger King Singapore/Instagram

Burger King Singapore is offering something really new to its customers and most vegetable lovers will surely love this. Kentucky Fried Chicken may have introduced a sandwich with the chicken serving as its bun and this time, Burger King introduced something similar.

This means that Burger King is up to the trend. Many restaurants and fast-food chains are selling unique menu items where they replace some of the ingredients and BK is now offering its own version of a new burger sandwiched in a unique “bun.”

The BK burger in a new bun

On July 5, Burger King Singapore took to its social media outlets to announce its latest burger item. The restaurant unveiled its kakiage burger wrapped in a fried vegetable patty that serves as the “bun.”

Based on the report, the new kakiage burger in fried vegetable patty is only available when purchased in stores or through the Burger King app in Singapore. Customers can find this burger menu under the Limited Time category in the app.

The delectable kakiage burger in a fried vegetable patty could be ordered a la carte or with drinks. The price of Ultimate Kakiage starts at S$11.40 through the BK app while the value meal that comes with a drink and side costs S$12.90. Customers who want to upsize their meal order can get the set for S$13.50.

Burger King Kakiage beef and salmon burgers

It was in June when Burger King Singapore launched its new Japanese-inspired burgers called the Ultimate Kakiage Angus Beef and the Ultimate Kakiage Salmon. These burgers cost S$10.90 and come with a small drink and medium fries.

Goody Feed described the Ultimate Kakiage Angus Beef as a burger with freshly fried Kakiage Tempura patty doubled with the Burger King flame-grilled Angus Beef. The Kakiage Salmon is similar and the difference is that the Angus beef has been replaced with fried salmon patty.

Both Kakiage burgers will be available in the new burger bun of fried vegetable patty. Just like any other unique additions to the menu list, Burger King Singapore will have this food item for a very limited time only.

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