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‘Black Clover’ chapter 277 release date, spoilers: Charlotte’s red rose Briar Magic topples Vanica and Megicula

From a promo clip of “Black Clover” anime | Photo credit: Crunchyroll Collection / YouTube screenshot

The battle in Spade Kingdom continues, and “Black Clover” chapter 277 will focus on Charlotte and Vanica’s showdown. Fans of the Blue Rose captain will most likely enjoy the next installment as she finally unlocks the original red roses form of her Briar Magic.

‘Black Clover’ chapter 277: Charlotte finally unlocks her Red Rose Briar Magic

Nacht previously assigned Charlotte and Rill to face Vanica, whose body is the host for the devil Megicula. If this pairing did not make sense before, what happens in “Black Clover” chapter 277 will help manga readers understand why Charlotte is the perfect Magic Knight to fight Vanica.

For Charlotte, fight Vanica and Megicula has a more personal reason. Like Lolopechka and Noelle’s mother, “Black Clover” chapter 277 will confirm that Megicula was also responsible for Charlotte’s curse. It has prevented Charlotte from using her Briar Magic’s original form that had red roses, which were also described as much more powerful than the blue roses she has been using in the series.

However, that will change in “Black Clover” chapter 277 as she demonstrates the significant progress she achieved from her training in Heart Kingdom. The leaked scans also suggest Charlotte did some research to further understand the curse. Charlotte has learned how to unleash the full potential of her blue rose Briar Magic while combining it with her original red roses deemed to be much more powerful.

Megicula appears very excited upon seeing Charlotte’s power and calls her the perfect opponent. The devil will assume she can easily release herself from Charlotte’s briars. However, rough translations of “Black Clover” chapter 277 suggest that Charlotte’s training and research have helped her figure a way to use a sort of “anti-curse” magic.

It appears that Charlotte’s improved Briar Magic in “Black Clover” chapter 277 binds much stronger around a target with immense curse power. Simply put, Charlotte’s new technique may be an effective way to incapacitate Vanica and Megicula.

‘Black Clover’ chapter 277 release date, where to read for free

Spoilers have started to make the rounds online much earlier than usual. But manga fans should read through the rough translations with a grain of salt as they might contain some inaccuracies. The official copy of “Black Clover” chapter 277 will be released on Sunday, Jan. 3, and can be read for free through the websites of Viz Media and Manga Plus.

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