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‘Black Clover’ chapter 273 release date, spoilers: Sekke is surprisingly part of Invasion Team vs. Dark Triad

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Leaks are out for “Black Clover” chapter 273, and it has one surprising twist to offer to fans. The Clover Kingdom has chosen a few Magic Knights that Nacht will help sneak into the Spade Kingdom. It has been presumed that this group is composed of the best, so it is a little surprising that Sekke appears to be part of the elite team.

‘Black Clover’ chapter 273 spoilers: Leaks reveal the Magic Knights included in the Invasion Team

As the Dark Triad’s plan to open the gates of the Underworld moves forward, so is the Clover Kingdom’s efforts to stop them from succeeding. The leaked final page of “Black Clover” chapter 273 indicates that the chosen Magic Knights will be on the move and will be marching toward the Spade Kingdom to fight the strongest enemies they have yet to face.

For the most part, the expectation that the Invasion Team is composed of the strongest Magic Knights is mostly accurate. The leaked page shows the group includes Yuno, Langris, Fuegoleon, Nozel, Jack the Ripper, Dorothy, Charlotte, Rill, and (for some reason) Sekke.

The surprise in including Sekke in this elite group is understandable considering he does not have many shining moments throughout the series. The character has been established as arrogant despite not having many real accomplishments. Even the moments where he is recognized are almost always comical. For one, the King thinks Sekke is one of the strongest mages and was able to protect him during the attack of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. The truth, however, is everything that happened then was accidental and Sekke did not deserve such credit.

On the other hand, Sekke should also be given the benefit of the doubt for being included in the Invasion Team in “Black Clover” chapter 273. Before the six-month timeskip, Julius Novachrono instructed all Captains to train their Magic Knights as much as they can before they attack the Spade Kingdom. Sekke may have benefited from this training.

‘Black Clover’ chapter 273 release date, where to read

“Black Clover” chapter 273 will also provide updates on Zenon and Dante, who appear to be working with Morris from the Diamond Kingdom. The scans also indicate that the Invasion Team will have to move without Asta and Liebe as the duo continues their training. Before Nacht leaves, he reportedly tells Asta that they (Invasion Team) will do everything they can against the Dark Triad until Asta joins them.

“Black Clover” chapter 273 will be released on Sunday, Nov. 29. The official English translation can be read for free online through Manga Plus and Viz Media.

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