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Binamon NFT game: Advantages of joining; Earn money by playing amid the pandemic

Photo by: Binamon/Twitter

Binamon NFT game is one of the blockchain gaming platforms that is fast gaining attention today. It was described as an ecosystem-based on technology that operates the Binance Smart Chain, a dual-chain structure that allows users to build decentralized applications and digital assets on one blockchain.

Although it is still new, the Binamon NFT game may possibly be the next Axie Infinity that really succeeded in the blockchain gaming business. Axie Infinity drew millions of users due to its “Play to Earn” feature, and Binamon recently launched this playing mode as well.

Why you should get into Binamon NFT game

Now, there are many reasons why people should enter this new blockchain game. The platform offers various gaming modes, including battle rounds, multiplayer, and the mode for simply collecting Binamons.

Yorkpedia mentioned that many people are hesitating to try the Binamon game since it is still new and could fall. However, this game has been growing steadily, and in fact, its rising price has convinced many doubters that it is actually a good platform.

Binamon NFT has already grown to 40 times bigger than when it open and it continues to expand every week. The fast growth rate of this game just shows that its potential is vast, so this is the foremost reason why it should be considered.

The “Play to Earn” advantage

NFT gamers should now miss getting onboard the Binamon gaming trend. Even if the users are not into gaming, they can just exchange their fiat currency for a Binamon NFT and stake it to earn without so much hassle.

In any case, Binamon’s “Play to Earn” concept will allow gamers to earn BMON, the NFT game’s tokens that users can buy, sell and trade.

As stated in the press release, Binamon’s “Play to earn” is also a great way to earn money in this time of the pandemic through blockchain that was blended with gaming.

“The phase that created the mentioned success is proving its effectiveness in the context of the current epidemic and state of unemployment,” Binamon stated.

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