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‘Battlefield 6’ trailer: Leak with 60+ screenshots reportedly reveal 80% of first trailer ahead of June presentation

From the “Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations” trailer | Photo credit: Official EA UK / YouTube screenshot

Many fans waiting for the official reveal of “Battlefield 6,” or whatever EA and DICE will call it, were disappointed when it became apparent that it will not be released this month. However, they still got the first look at the upcoming game in some capacity after leaks have reportedly shown 80 percent of the actual trailer is expected to premiere in June.

Leaks reveal almost the entirety of ‘Battlefield 6’ reveal trailer

More than 60 screenshots from the supposed “Battlefield 6” trailer were leaked a few days ago, and, more recently, someone arranged these images into a 6-second GIF to mimic what the actual teaser might look like. These leaks contain some familiar images from much earlier reports, including a desert island and a space rocket.

Prolific “Battlefield” leaker Tom Henderson has weighed in on these leaks saying they show fans 80 percent of the anticipated trailer. He further explained that many of the screenshots that appeared in the wild belong to 5-second scenes from the forthcoming video teaser.

While fans are free to take all these leaks with a grain of salt, it is worth noting that Henderson also shared a number of sketches that supposedly represent scenes from the “Battlefield 6” trailer. Now, several elements from the said sketches have also appeared in the barrage of screenshots leaked last week.

For one, fans can see a robot dog joining combat in a couple of frames from the latest leaks. Back in April, Henderson also reported that robot dogs would be customizable in “Battlefield 6.”

‘Battlefield 6’ release date: When will EA and DICE reveal the official trailer

EA and DICE have confirmed that “Battlefield 6” will be released in the holiday season of 2021, which usually means sometime in the last quarter of the year. With this information, fans are now more interested in seeing the game’s reveal trailer that many -- reliable leakers included -- thought was going to premiere this month.

However, the “Battlefield” official Twitter page has hinted at the official reveal happening in June. Shortly after, the next EA Play Live presentation was announced and is now scheduled for June 22.

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