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AirPods Pro specs, price: Apple’s hit earbuds are back in stock and on sale in some stores

From the AirPods Pro trailer| Photo credit: Apple / YouTube screenshot

Apple fans had a hard time finding available AirPods Pro during the holidays. It now appears, however, that the company has finally delivered enough stocks to known retail stores. Some of them even offer a very rare discount on the popular truly wireless earbuds.

AirPods Pro: Where to buy and get a rare discount

Since the AirPods Pro was announced in October, it immediately went out-of-stock even on the biggest retail stores in the United States. The issue appeared to have persisted through the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, even on Apple’s own online store.

The AirPods Pro page on Amazon is no longer showing the “temporarily out of stock” message as it was replaced with the “in stock” status. The even better news is that the customers can purchase the earbuds right now with a 6 percent discount bringing down the price to $234.98 instead of $249. That may not seem like a huge price cut, but this is still one of the very few deals Apple fans will find for AirPods Pro.

Depending on the customer’s location, they might also be able to purchase AirPods Pro online through Best Buy and Walmart. It is also advised to check for available supplies for in-store purchases. As always, one of the certain ways to get the product is through where item pick-up and delivery options are also available.

Apple’s online store offers the AirPods Pro at its regular price. However, every purchase comes with the staple free engraving service with expanded options. Other letters and number figures, customers can also choose an emoji to stamp on their new earbuds’ casing.

AirPods Pro specs: What’s new on Apple’s latest truly wireless earbuds

The announcement of AirPods Pro came as a little surprise since Apple had just announced the AirPods 2 a few months earlier. However, the Pro’s next-level specs and features made the decision to upgrade an easy one to make for many Apple fans.

It is the first in the product lineup to sport a noise-cancellation mode and customizable silicone tips that come in three different sizes upon purchase. Unlike its predecessors, the AirPods Pro is sweat and water resistant but it uses the same chip as AirPods 2.

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