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5 marketing techniques already succeeding in business this year

The turn of the year is a funny thing; though seeing that change on the calendar feels monumental, it's not like the world is suddenly much different to how it was on the last day of 2019. This is especially applicable in marketing, where many tried-and-tested methods remain exactly that.

Hence, it shouldn't come as hugely surprising that 2020 ought to see many businesses continuing to build upon gains made last year. The following tactics could prove particularly beneficial...

There's an app for that - marketing, that is

Remember the old Apple slogan "there's an app for that"? It's probably more relevant now than ever before, especially if you sell online digital business products.

Therefore, you should keep on top of innovations in mobile app development. According to a Gartner statistic highlighted by, over 25% of the mobile, progressive web and conversational apps at large enterprises by 2023 will use a multi-experience development platform.

Let your presence permeate to wearables, too

One strand of consumer tech that once seemed vulnerable to snobbery but has since taken off in a major way is that of wearables. A Statista report suggests that these devices, including smartwatches, fitness bands and trackers, have already generated $33 billion in revenue.

Therefore, if you do develop an app, make sure it can integrate seamlessly with its wearable counterpart. Wearables remain largely tethered to smartphones, but that could yet change soon.

Analyse your customers in an even smarter way

Another plus point of getting your digital presence onto people's wrists is the user data you could collect - privacy concerns permitting, of course - in the process. That data, in turn, could serve as effective "fuel" for your artificial intelligence (AI) efforts.

Subsequently, AI can form a crucial component of predictive analytics and so make it easier for you to discern what your customers want before they even state it.

Tailor your marketing messages to specific customers

Once you've got a treasure trove of analytical data at your disposal, you could dip deeply into it to inform personalised marketing messages.

"Only very few brands executive a personalised messaging strategy," explains Peter Wilfahrt, managing director of digital agency Versandgigant, in words quoted by Business 2 Community. He urges you to "really dig into your prospect's mind and discover what they fear, wish and want."

Therefore, you need to go a bit further than simply tagging the recipient's first name to an email greeting. Personalisation is especially valuable for how it can make consumers feel special.

Sending out coupons - whether online or offline

Let's assume that, as the owner of a brick-and-mortar store, you have followed this article's advice and now know what particular customers tend to buy and when. You could spur these customers' spending by distributing money-off coupons, whether digitally or through print.

Buying a printing machine from Duplo International could enable you to produce coupons as and when your marketing strategy calls for them. You could then send those coupons through direct mail, as advocated in this Forbes article.

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