Trading a peg-break/withdrawal has been one of the most successful trades in history. George Soros name went into financial history as he successfully traded peg break of UK pound and German Deutsche Mark earning about a Billion Dollar. These opportunities still persists in modern financial market, evident by 40% appreciation of Euro-Franc in January peg withdrawal by Swiss National Bank. In this series, we hunt for such opportunities.

Currency Peg Series

Chart of the Day: Czech peg break

Apr 04, 2017 15:53 pm UTC| Commentary Central Banks

The volatility curveof the Czech Koruna is suggesting that the market is pricing the much-anticipated peg withdraw by the Czech central bank within the next 2 months. The central bank hasnt given out any specific date...

Currency Peg Series

Sniffing a Peg-break Series: Violent moves unlikely in EUR/CZK

Jan 26, 2017 08:39 am UTC| Commentary Central Banks

Czech National Bank (CNB) confirmed earlier this month that the central bank would abandon its almost four-year-old Euro-Koruna peg this year and sometime middle of the year. The date is yet to be chosen. Looking from the...

Currency Peg Series

Sniffing a peg break Series: Koruna-Euro peg to end this year

Jan 20, 2017 07:27 am UTC| Commentary

Czech National Bank (CNB) chief confirmed the speculation that the Euro-Koruna peg would be abolished by the central bank in 2017. They prefer a time in the middle of the year but havent decided yet. CNB instituted the peg...

Currency Peg Series

Sniffing a Peg Break Series: Koruna- Euro peg likely to break soon

Jan 10, 2017 11:19 am UTC| Commentary Central Banks

According to talks and rumors in the market, the Czech Central Bank, which has kept the Czech Koruna (CZK) pegged with the Euro since 2013 at 27 per euro could soon break away from this monetary policy regime. In an...

Currency Peg Series

Nigeria's move from a fixed to a floating exchange-rate policy

Jun 30, 2016 14:53 pm UTC| Insights & Views

Africas largest economy has finally floated its fixed currency exchange rate for the first time in history. The freeing of the Nigerian naira after months of policy debates saw the currency immediately plummet by...

Currency Peg Series

Currency Peg Series: Saudi Arabia verbally defends Dollar peg

May 30, 2016 11:07 am UTC| Commentary

Ahmed al-Kholifey, Governor of Saudi Arabias Monetary Authority (SAMA) dismissed that kingdom may consider revising its currency peg with U.S. Dollar, which will result in a significant devaluation of Riyal from its...

Currency Peg Series

February’s soft inflation readings to make way for RBI to cut rates in April

Mar 15, 2016 06:40 am UTC| Commentary

Indias WPI and CPI inflation numbers for February came below expectations. CPI inflation decelerated to 5.2% y/y in February from Januarys 5.7%, mainly due to weaker food prices, whereas core inflation accelerated....

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JGBs narrowly mixed ahead of July consumer price inflation

The Japanese government bonds remained narrowly mixed Tuesday, as investors wait to watch the countrys consumer price inflation for the month of July, scheduled to be released on August 24. The yield on the benchmark...

Australian bonds trade nearly flat as markets await Jackson Hole Symposium

The Australian bonds traded nearly flat Tuesday as investors await cues from the Federal Reserves Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium scheduled for this Friday in Wyoming. The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury...

FxWirePro: The Day Ahead- 22nd August 2017

Few economic data and events scheduled for today and all with low to medium volatility risks associated. Upcoming: Switzerland: July trade balance report will be released at 6:00 GMT. United Kingdom: Public...

Taiwanese government upgrades economic growth projection for 2017 to 2.05 pct

The Taiwanese government upgraded this years projection from 2.05 percent to 2.11 percent during the review last week. The government published its projection for next year for the first time. The economy is likely to grow...

Poland’s industrial output, wages weaken in July, monetary policy likely to stay easy for longer period

The Polish zloty had briefly gained following last weeks solid second quarter economic growth print. However, many unsupportive developments followed rapidly, putting an end to the zlotys rally. Polish industrial...


Why the withering nuclear power industry threatens US national security

These are tough times for nuclear power in the U.S. Power plants under construction are facing serious delays, halts and cost overruns. Utilities in South Carolina abandoned a project to complete construction of two power...

Zuma won, but the ANC will never be a united party again

To say there is victory in defeat sounds like a contradiction in terms. But, this is exactly what happened when South Africas opposition parties failed to remove President Jacob Zuma through a motion of no...

Donald Trump, loyalty and the 'emotional regime' in the White House

Donald Trump demands loyalty from those working close to him. According to former FBI director James Comey, the president told him at a private meeting: I need loyalty, I expect loyalty. Comeys response? I...

Why governmental transparency will not work without strong leadership

Walter Shaub, the former director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, has warned that President Donald Trumps conflicts of interest could put America at the risk of becoming a kleptocracy: that is, a country led by...

Democracy is on the brink in Hungary, so why is no one talking about it?

When Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission met Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in Riga in May 2015, he greeted him by saying hello dictator. Junckers words were perhaps an ironic...


Scientists Advance 3D-Printed Living Tissue, Artificial Organ Creation

When most people think of 3D-printing, they imagine plastic or metal objects such as furniture or machine parts. However, scientists have been working on printing living tissue as well, which would allow scientists to...

Eclipse of reason: Why do people disbelieve scientists?

If youve been paying attention, you know that on Aug. 21, were in for a special cosmic treat: the Great American Eclipse of 2017. The moons shadow will track a 4,000-kilometre course across the continental United States...

Hackers Spread Malware Via DNA, Could Destroy Police Computer Networks

Scientists and engineers have been pushing the digital frontier for decades and they have just pushed the boundaries towards new territory. Encoding a malware in DNA, scientists were able to infect computers that tried to...

Scientists Discover New Type Of Brain Cells That Could Lead To Hyperintelligence

While tech revolutionaries like Elon Musk prefer to merge man with machine in order to make humans smarter, stronger, and better, others prefer a more biological approach. A team of scientists recently discovered new types...

Expert Warns Of CRISPR Causing Class Warfare

Humanity is living in an interesting age, where scientists can finally start manipulating the human genome in ways that were not possible before due to CRISPR. Many have even hypothesized that through these amazing...


OurMine Strikes Again, Self-Proclaimed Security Group Hacks PlayStation Social Media Accounts

Its been a while since the notorious hacker group OurMine has made the news, which either means that the members have become less active or tech firms have finally become more vigilant. Unfortunately, the self-proclaimed...

New Mercedes-Benz Maybach Convertible Is An Electric Car Enthusiast’s Dream

Anyone who has been following the development of the electric car for decades will remember a time when analysts and so-called experts said that such vehicles would never be sexy enough for the masses. Then Tesla came...

Friday The 13th Update Details, New Maps And $4 Swimsuit Pack

Regardless of its numerous technical and graphical issues, Friday the 13th is shaping up to be one of the hottest multiplayer online games right now. With the upcoming update for the game, players have plenty to look...

Switch Customer Gets Developer Version Of Console, Returns It Despite Huge Profit Potential

While a lot of potential customers of the hot item Nintendo Switch have yet to get their hands on the console, there are those who did manage to order one and received the wrong item. In the case of one customer, the...

New Monster Hunter World Trailer Reveals New Area Called ‘Wildspire Waste’

The upcoming Monster Hunter World game is a highly anticipated return of the franchise to the PlayStation. Sure, its also going to the Xbox One, but thats just details now. The point is that there are many fans of the...
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