Trademark Filing Indicates Possible Standalone ‘Witcher 3 Gwent Game’

Jun 09, 2016 09:48 am UTC| Technology

Gwent is the phenomenal card game in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt game and it seems there will be a standalone release just for the game within a game. A recent move by company CD Projekt to trademark the name Gwent as well as...

Technology is improving – why is rural broadband access still a problem?

Jun 09, 2016 09:16 am UTC| Insights & Views Technology

There is a well-documented digital divide between rural and urban areas when it comes to broadband access. As of 2015, 74 percent of households in urban areas of the U.S. had residential broadband connections, compared...

Next ‘Deus Ex’ Game Finally Has Multiplayer, Sort Of [Video]

Jun 09, 2016 09:08 am UTC| Technology

Multiplayer mode has never really been part of the Deus Ex series of games, and most of its fans are okay with that. Considering how Call of Duty online sessions often degenerate into rage-filled mayhem involving...

Computing told us how close we came to a global pandemic of a drug-resistant flu

Jun 09, 2016 09:07 am UTC| Insights & Views Technology Health

We usually consider the scientific study of infection by a virus, bacteria or parasite as the domain of clinical and biomedical research. Surely, the study of a virus invading our cells, hijacking our genetic replication...

‘Watch Dogs 2’; Silicone Valley Hackers Inspiration For Setting [Video]

Jun 09, 2016 08:47 am UTC| Technology

Ubisoft announced the sequel of their mix-reviewed title Watch Dogs recently, and the story will take place in San Francisco, California. The location is a stark departure from the cold, dull climate of Chicago where the...

‘Facebook’ Users Were At Risk Of Financial And Social Ruin

Jun 09, 2016 07:51 am UTC| Technology

News about hackers getting inside some of the most secure networks and accounts in the world has been increasing of late. In response, major social networks and video streaming sites are urging users to change their...

Shots Fired: ‘GM’ Literally Destroys ‘Ford F-150’ To Prove A Point [Video]

Jun 09, 2016 04:36 am UTC| Technology

Last year, General Motors launched an attack ad against Ford, mocking the slow and expensive repair costs of the latters pickup line. Chevrolets parent company is at it again, but this time, they are doing so through a...

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Japan's underlying inflationary pressures remain subdued, highlight difficult task ahead for the BoJ

In Japan, data from the Internal Affairs Ministry showed on Friday that Japans core consumer inflation gauge rose for a fourth month in April, the longest run of gains since mid-2015, but remains far below the central...

U.S. Treasuries gain ahead of Q1 GDP data; slightly higher initial jobless claims lend support

The U.S. Treasuries gained Friday as investors await the countrys first-quarter gross domestic product (GDP), scheduled to be released later in the day. Further, the slightly higher reading of the initial jobless claims,...

EUR/HUF likely to remain steadily higher over the coming year, says Commerzbank

MNB remained dovish at its May Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting this week, but there was the absence of any fresh dovish signals, which made markets wonder whether or not MNB was going to reconsider its ultra-dovish...

FxWirePro: The Day Ahead- 26th May 2017

Not many economic data and events scheduled for today and some with high volatility risks associated. Upcoming: The 43rd G7 summit begins today in Italy. United States: Feds Bullard is scheduled to speak at...

UK's Q1 GDP growth unexpectedly revised down in 2nd estimate, BoE policy unlikely to see significant impact

The second estimate of UK GDP for Q1 2017 released earlier today saw an unexpected revision down to 0.2 percent from the previous estimate of 0.3 percent. Todays data follows growth of 0.7 percent in Q4 of 2016 and means...


How World War I changed the weather for good

Culture has rarely tired of speaking about the weather. Pastoral poems detail the seasonal variations in weather ad nauseam, while the term pathetic fallacy is often taken to refer to a Romantic poets wilful translation of...

Beyond Brexit: ‘Global Britain’ looks to the emerging Anglosphere for new opportunities

What lies beyond Brexit? This is not just a question for the United Kingdom and the European Union, but also one that will reverberate around the world. One answer is the Anglosphere. Often spoken of as an...

Electioneering in the social media age

Britain is engaged in a General Election contest and once again political parties are investing money, time and energy in their online presence. The Tories are ploughing cash into Instagram adverts and Labour is doing its...

How UKIP’s decline could provide a major boost for Theresa May

The British prime minister Theresa May called a snap general election in the expectation that it will deliver her a substantially increased parliamentary majority. This in turn would give her the strong and stable...

US under Trump Series: Appointment of Mueller as special counsel is good news for policies

Last week, the US deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein appointed the former FBI director Robert Mueller as a special counsel to the investigation to Russias meddling with the US election and alleged collusion between the...


There Are Now Tattoos That Can Say It Was Stupid To Get A Tattoo Out Loud

Humans have had a long history with tattoos, going back to the hunter-gatherer days when primitive tribes would mark themselves after a successful hunt or winning a war. These days, tattoos have become a fashion statement,...

Gas Station On The Moon Planned, Mars Mission Jump Point

There are several developments in the space sector right now, one of which is the effort to colonize Mars. However, this project has quite a few obstacles with energy burnout being a major factor. This is where a Caltech...

Arms Early Impressions Favorable, Nintendo Switch Motion Control Seems Good

When it was announced that Nintendo was going to be released a fighting game with motion controls called Arms, many were concerned that the response wouldnt be up to par. Based on early impressions, however, both the game...

Scientific Proof That Vegans Are Right, Going Meatless Will Save The World

In developed communities, particularly in the US, Vegans have earned unfortunate reputations for being a little annoying. However, new scientific research suggests that they may actually have the right standpoint on the...

Inoculation theory: Using misinformation to fight misinformation

As a psychologist researching misinformation, I focus on reducing its influence. Essentially, my goal is to put myself out of a job. Recent developments indicate that I havent been doing a very good job of it....


Another Private Rocket Company Competes With SpaceX, Successful Test Reaches Space

Theres no denying that Elon Musks SpaceX is the most popular private space company in the business right now. However, its not the only one. Another American company successfully launched a rocket from a New Zealand site,...

Free ‘The Witcher’ Game Available To Players Of ‘Gwent’ Closed Beta

CD Projekt Red has opened the doors to the open beta of the Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, so everyone can finally try out the spin-off card game found in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt title. This isnt the end of the surprises,...

Fallout 4 Is Free-To-Play This Weekend, But Only This Weekend

Theres no doubt that Bethesdas Fallout 4 video game has been a financial success, but it seems the company wants to increase the exposure of the title years after its release. This weekend, players will be able to download...

Far Cry 5 Details Revealed; Cults And Inbred Characters?

After confirming a few details about Far Cry 5 last week, Ubisoft promised that it will do the official announcement of the game in a few days. In the meantime, the company released an official artwork for the game that...

DJI Introduces ‘Spark’ Its Smallest Drone Yet, Only $499

Chinese tech company DJI is undeniably dominating the drone market, but in order to stay on top, it needs to provide more variety to its lineup. Introducing the new Spark, the companys smallest drone that comes with an...
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