Tim Crook

Tim Crook

International Media Law and Ethics, Dramaturgy of espionage and spy fiction, Propaganda and use of Information in War, All aspects of Radio and Journalism Practice and History, Practice and History of Radio Drama, and prose/scriptwriting for stage, film and television.


Professional training in Radio Journalism at the London College of Printing, Law at the University of London, Literature, Film & Television, History, Crime & Social Policy at the Open University, Postgraduate Research in Performance Studies at Roehampton University and researching audio drama and modernism, Media Arts, Royal Holloway, University of London.

Grants & awards

More than 60 professional awards for drama, journalism and production: UK Sony, US International Radio Festivals, Prix Italia, and Writers Guild of Great Britain
Radio Reporter of the Year 1985
Campaign for Freedom of Information Award 1988
Grand Award for Entertainment 1994

Professional activities

Membership of professional organisations & advisory groups

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Board of Distinguished Advisors to the International Radio Festival of New York
Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Manufactures
Member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists and its Professional Practices Board
Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors
Member of the Institute of Communication Ethics
Member of the Orwell Society
Member of the Society of Authors
Member of the City if London Phonograph and Gramophone Society
Judge in the radio play category of the Koestler Trust Awards- arts by offenders

Why journalists must be allowed to pay and reward their sources

Nov 22, 2017 05:24 am UTC| Insights & Views

Robert Norman helped shine a light on serious social issues. He exposed cutbacks in national detention security, highlighted prison safety concerns, and exposed failures to contain and manage convicted terrorists. He...

The lack of justice for journalists' sources is a catastrophe for democracy

Nov 29, 2016 17:25 pm UTC| Insights & Views Politics

Ten long years ago, Robert Norman was getting on with his demanding job as a prison officer at the high security Belmarsh Prison in London. Then in 2006 he became an undercover whistle-blower, revealing hidden details of...

Daily Mail is right about three-in-a-bed injunction – the law is an ass

Apr 14, 2016 23:33 pm UTC| Insights & Views Law

A considerable amount of journalism is, by its very nature, based on the foul stench of human ugliness. If you strip away the humbug of public interest and freedom of expression mantras, so much of it is rooted in the...



Singapore’s SingTel Telecom Sells Trustwave Cyber Security Stake for $205M

SingTel, or Singapore Telecommunications, said on Monday, Oct. 2, that it is selling its stake in the cyber security firm called Trustwave. The telecom firm revealed that it had reached an agreement with MC2 Titanium LLC...

Bill Ackman Will Consider Investing in Elon Musk’s X Under SPARC Funding

Bill Ackman, a billionaire investor, said that he will definitely consider investing in Elon Musks X social media platform. He said a deal with the former Twitter site is possible with his new Special Purpose Acquisition...

Applebee's Brings Back 'Dollarita': An Affordable Treat for Customers

Applebees, the renowned casual dining restaurant, has answered the prayers of margarita enthusiasts everywhere. After a long anticipation of three years, the Dollarita is making a comeback and still comes with an...

Honda Korea Co. Looks to Revive Sales with Expanded Product Lineup

Honda Korea Co. is ramping up its product lineup to bounce back from a nearly 70 percent drop in sales during January-August compared to the previous year. The decline was primarily attributed to a lack of new...

Apple Works on iOS Update to Address Overheating Issues in iPhone 15 Models

Apple is attributing the heating concerns with its recently released iPhone 15 models to a software bug and problems associated with popular apps like Instagram and Uber. Reports of the devices becoming uncomfortably warm...


Feinstein's death raises the question: How are vacant Senate seats filled?

Theres an empty seat in the U.S. Senate now that Californias longtime and senior senator, Dianne Feinstein, has died. And, following the Sept. 22, 2023, federal indictment on bribery and other charges of U.S. Sen. Bob...

Foreign policy has been missing from NZ's election campaign – voters deserve answers to these big questions

Tax cuts, crime, the cost of living, potholes and co-governance … these and various other issues are now familiar to most voters. But there has been one major election area missing the serious debate it needs:...

Closer relations between Australia and India have the potential to benefit both nations

The structure of Andrew Charltons Australias Pivot to India is built on three promises: the promise of India; the promise of the Australia-India relationship; and the promise of the Indian diaspora becoming a powerful...

AI disinformation is a threat to elections − learning to spot Russian, Chinese and Iranian meddling in other countries can help the US prepare for 2024

Elections around the world are facing an evolving threat from foreign actors, one that involves artificial intelligence. Countries trying to influence each others elections entered a new era in 2016, when the Russians...

Can Biden bounce back as the US presidential race turns nastier?

Antagonism between the two expected candidates for US president in 2024 is ramping up as the political battleground turns increasingly nasty. US president Joe Biden suggested that Donald Trump and his allies pose a...


A search for links between two of the universe's most spectacular phenomena has come up empty – for now

Every so often, astronomers glimpse an intense flash of radio waves from space a flash that lasts only instants but puts out as much energy in a millisecond as the Sun does in a few years. The origin of these fast radio...

Temporary carbon storage in forests has climate value — but we need to get the accounting right

Forests and other natural carbon reservoirs play an important role in slowing and potentially reversing the effects of climate change. But any carbon stored in nature is vulnerable to either natural or human-caused...

Just 3 Nobel Prizes cover all of science – how research is done today poses a challenge for these prestigious awards

Ive been primarily an experimental chemist the kind of person who goes into the laboratory and mixes and stirs chemicals since the beginning of my career in 1965. Today, and for the past 15 years, Im a full-time...

Your microbes live on after you die − a microbiologist explains how your necrobiome recycles your body to nourish new life

Each human body contains a complex community of trillions of microorganisms that are important for your health while youre alive. These microbial symbionts help you digest food, produce essential vitamins, protect you from...

New study shows we can create value from food waste by turning it into a highly desirable material – nanocellulose

Food waste is a global problem with approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of food wasted each year throughout the food lifecycle from the farm to food manufacturers and households. Across the food supply chain, Australians...


Intel Ramps Up 'Landmark' Production Using EUV Lithography Machines in Ireland

Intel announced on Friday that it has commenced high-volume production utilizing extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography machines at its $18.5 billion plant in Ireland. This development is pivotal for Intels effort to regain...

Virtual reality can help emergency services navigate the complexities of real-life crises

The UK has experienced several terrorist attacks, from the 2005 London bombings, to the devastating events at Manchester Arena and London Bridge in 2017. These tragic incidents not only resulted in the loss of innocent...

PlayStation Chief Jim Ryan to Retire; Hiroki Totoki Named Successor

Sony Group Corporation announces PlayStation CEO Jim Ryans retirement in March 2024, heralding a transition to new leadership under Hiroki Totoki. Ryan is currently working as Sony Interactive Entertainment LLCs (SIE)...

OpenAI's ChatGPT Now Surfs Web for Real-Time Information Access

OpenAI unveils an upgraded ChatGPT that can browse the internet, offering users real-time, authoritative information and enhanced data coverage from various sources. OpenAI, which is backed by Microsoft, said on...

Is TikTok right – will eating three carrots a day really give me a natural tan?

A beauty trend gaining popularity on TikTok, dubbed the carrot tan, claims eating three carrots a day will give you a natural tan. But can this really give you a natural glow? And is it healthy? Why would carrots...
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