Beth Fulton

Beth Fulton

CSIRO Research Group Leader Ecosystem Modelling and Risk Assessment, CSIRO

Beth Fulton obtained her BSc (with first class Honours jointly in Mathematics and Marine Biology) from James Cook University in Townsville in 1997 and her PhD on 'The effects of the structure and formulation of ecosystem models on model performance' at the University of Tasmania in 2000.

She joined CSIRO in 2001 as a postdoctoral Fellow, looking into robust indicators of the ecological effects of fishing. It was at this time she applied the lessons learnt in her PhD to begin the serious development of the ecosystem model Atlantis and to begin co-developing InVitro.

She was appointed to CSIRO as a research scientist in 2004, eventually taking up leadership of the ecosystem modelling and development team. She is now a CSIRO Office of the Chief Executive (OCE) Science Leader

Some recent career highlights include:

2010 Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation
2007 Science Minister's Prize for Life Scientist of the Year (part of the Australian Prime Minister's Science Prizes)
2004 Royal Society of Tasmania's award for outstanding PhD
2002 Dean's commendation for outstanding PhD by research, University of Tasmania

Extreme weather caused by climate change has damaged 45% of Australia's coastal habitat

Jul 26, 2019 08:45 am UTC| Nature

If you think climate change is only gradually affecting our natural systems, think again. Our research, published yesterday in Frontiers in Marine Science, looked at the large-scale impacts of a series of extreme...



Why Vladimir Putin's tax hike for the rich won't bother Russia's oligarchs

Just a couple of days before Russians began voting in a constitutional referendum in late June that is likely to pave the way for Vladimir Putin to stay on as president until 2036, the government announced a tax rise for...

Technology is a powerful determinant of change, but labour can shape its direction

Technology is a product of human labour. The working class and society can therefore shape its direction. According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), long-term technological change has created more employment...

South African banks need to do more to ensure financial inclusion

An analysis of financial inclusion in South Africa shows that affordability limits poor households access to formal financial services. In our study, which looked at peoples use of financial goods and services between 2008...

S. Korea to back up 1,000 hydrogen businesses over 20 years

South Korea will support 1,000 businesses in the hydrogen industry over the next 20 years to develop a hydrogen-based ecosystem and economy. Consequently, the country will help create at least 500 companies in...

FxWirePro: Can USMCA & PMIs Bring In Optimism For Mexican Peso? Uphold USD/MXN Call Spreads

The recent publication of the PMIs in a number of countries illustrated a significant improvement of sentiment. It seems questionable though whether sentiment in Mexico has improved to the same extent (publication of the...


Joe Biden update: Former George W. Bush officials launch PAC to support former VP

In the current presidential race, it appears that more and more Republicans are getting behind former vice president Joe Biden, including former officials of the George W. Bush campaign and administration. The former aides...

Donald Trump fury: POTUS calls Black Lives Matter a hate symbol after New York's decision to paint the slogan

President Donald Trump and his administration have constantly faced criticism as of late towards the stance on recent protests that are calling to end racism. Upon the decision of New York City to paint Black Lives Matter...

Melania Trump revelation: FLOTUS holds virtual roundtable with advocates of foster care about US child welfare system

First lady Melania Trump has her Be Best initiative which is centered on the wellbeing of children and encouraging healthy social behavior especially online. Recently, Mrs. Trump hosted a virtual roundtable for foster care...

Joe Biden revelation: Former VP says he may request for classified briefing on reported Russian bounties

The recent revelations of the supposed Russian bounties on American soldiers in Afghanistan have many asking for the truth, especially on the part of President Donald Trump, who has denied being aware of receiving such...


Author says 2,400-year old coin artifact may be proof that Atlantis is real

Atlantis is one of the most popular myths in history, with many wondering whether the city is actually real, based on the stories that have been told over time. An author and researcher may have unraveled the mystery...

Asteroids: How an asteroid that killed the dinosaurs could trigger an apocalyptic event today

66 million years ago, an asteroid 10 kilometers in diameter triggered the mass extinction of the dinosaurs. Now, experts have weighed in on what would happen if an asteroid that same size would collide with the Earth...

Temperatures at South Pole rising three times faster than everywhere else on Earth

Climate change remains to be one of the biggest issues in the world today despite the sudden shift in focus towards the coronavirus pandemic. Recent reports have revealed that this problem is becoming more and more evident...

Astronomers find out what caused the mysterious disappearance of a massive star in the Aquarius constellation

The process of a dying star is gradual, or at the very least easily monitored because of the changes it goes through. However, astronomers were left surprised when they saw that one particular star in one constellation...


‘PUBG Mobile’ v0.19.0 features boss fights in a loot-filled pyramids

PUBG Mobile update 0.19.0 will have players fighting boss mummies and cobra snakes in flying pyramid temples through the upcoming Ancient Secret Mode. Unlike what previous reports said, the new gameplay could be released...

‘The Elder Scrolls 6’: Everything to know about the elusive action RPG

Bethesda has been hounded with relentless questions about The Elder Scrolls 6 for many years, and those queries are not going anywhere despite their previous statements about the title. Avid fans can review this round-up...

‘eFootball PES 2021’ could be imminent as Konami delivers ‘final’ Data Pack on ‘PES 2020’

Questions start to pile up about eFootball PES 2021 as its rival franchise has announced its next title while Konami is still mum about its next football sim. On the other hand, the developer has also labeled the Data Pack...

Future of ‘The Last of Us’ franchise does not include ‘Part 2’ DLCs

Depending on how a gaming fan views the plot twists in The Last of Us Part 2, they could see the sequel as either the best game of the year or the reason they lose interest over the series. But with more fans finishing...
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