Antino Kim

Antino Kim

Assistant Professor of Operations and Decision Technologies, Indiana University
Areas of Expertise
Digital Piracy, Misinformation and Social Media, Supply Chain of Information Goods, IT and Worker Displacement, Information Security, Cloud Computing

Academic Degrees
PhD, Information Systems, University of Washington, Seattle
MS in Business Administration, Information Systems, University of Washington, Seattle,
MS in Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science & Engineering, University of California, Davis

Professional Experience
MSIS Instructor, Foster School of Business, University of Washington, 2014-2016
Research Assistant, Real-Time Computing Laboratory (RTCL), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2007-2010

Rating news sources can help limit the spread of misinformation

Dec 03, 2019 14:20 pm UTC| Insights & Views Business

Online misinformation has significant real-life consequences, such as measles outbreaks and encouraging racist mass murderers. Online misinformation can have political consequences as well. The problem of disinformation...



UK gilts shrug off solid retail sales data; 10-year yield falls to 1-week low as coronavirus fear haunts

The United Kingdoms held gains during European trading hours on Thursday even as the countrys January retail sales remained solid and promising, with month -over- month data rising to seven month high of 0.9...

German bunds hold gains as investors monitor coronavirus situation

German bunds held gains during afternoon session on Thursday as traders seek refuge in safe-haven assets on fear that the coronavirus outbreak will slow the global economy. The German 10-year bond yield, which move...

Australian jobless rate lifts to 5.3 pct in January, employment change modest

In a reversal of Decembers move, Australias unemployment rate ticked back up to 5.3 percent in January, while employment rose modestly. The underutilisation rate jumped to a 19-month high. Alongside this, the participation...

Australian bonds surge as January employment data raises prospects of RBA rate cut

Australian bonds surge on Thursday as January disappointing employment data has strengthened the prospects for Reserve Bank of Australia interest rate cut. The yield on Australias benchmark 10-year note, which moves...

Coronavirus impact likely to affect Japan’s export recovery, says Oxford Economics

After exports to China had picked up in previous months, the renewed contraction in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak underscores risks to growth and dents hope for a near-term export recovery, according to the latest...


US President Donald Trump may give longtime ally Roger Stone a pardon

President Donald Trumps longtime ally Roger Stone finally received his sentencing of 40 months in prison. However, Stone may not stay in prison for a very long time as Trump may likely give him a pardon. Stone was...

US President Donald Trump claims once more that Ivanka Trump is responsible for creating 15 million jobs

President Donald Trump is known for always boasting about his achievements, especially when it comes to the countrys economy. Once again at an event, Trump claimed that his daughter Ivanka Trump was responsible for...

US President Donald Trump fires acting DNI Joseph Maguire, Richard Grenell to assume new position

During the 2016 elections, it was revealed that Russia rigged the votes in Donald Trumps favor. A new report reveals that history may be repeating itself as intelligence officials tip off the House of Russias interference...

Donald Trump, Melania Trump prenup: POTUS, FLOTUS’s divorce arrangement very different from Ivana Trump, Marla Maples

Donald Trump has learned a very important lesson after his divorce from his first wife, Ivana Trump. The POTUS realized how important a prenuptial agreement is so he had one drawn up for Marla Maples and Melania...


NASA: Agency announces its protocol in case of asteroid collision

The chances of the Earth getting struck by an asteroid are always slim but never zero. Recently, space agency NASA revealed that they have a protocol to follow in the event of an asteroid strike. Millions of years ago,...

Asteroids: NASA spots rock traveling Earth-bound at 53,700 miles per hour

US space agency NASA has spotted another asteroid traveling towards the Earths orbit. It now bears wondering if the asteroid will make an unexpected entry into Earth any time soon. Express reports that NASAs asteroid...

Antarctica: Ice dropped down a borehole creates an interesting sound

Antarctica is not usually known as a place to have some fun in, save for influencers who plan on taking a trip. However, scientists have discovered an interesting part about the arctic, such as the sounds that come from...

Aliens: Scientists plan exploring other Earth-like planets in search of alien life

Space agencies all over the world continue to explore what lies beyond Earth and into the cosmos. Now, a group of scientists claims that alien life forms may exist in other exoplanets similar to that of Earth. Over the...


‘PUBG Mobile’ Royale Pass Season 12 skins, emotes, and rewards are leaked ahead of next patch’s release

PUBG Mobile players who love looking good while defeating enemies will be delighted that they can now have an idea with the Royale Pass Season 12 items will look like. Aside from that cosmetics, players will have more...

iOS 14 could pave the way for Apple’s new policy on third-party apps

It appears that iPhone and iPad users could be looking at a much bigger change in iOS 14, aside from the usual introduction of new features. The company is rumored to be exploring the possibility of finally allowing its...

AirPods 3 could be cheaper, ‘Lite’ version of the AirPods Pro, report suggests

Apple rarely says anything about an upcoming product until its launch event. However, that has never stopped the rumor mill from speculating on what the tech giant is currently working on. And a known publication has been...

Pixelbook 2: Upgraded screen resolution and tablet-laptop form are some of the features

Avid fans of Chromebook devices may have been asking one question for a couple of years now: where is the Pixelbook 2? Google has been good at keeping details about the product hidden (if it is actually in development...
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