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Poco X2 specs, features: Poco F1 demand OS update as Poco India confirms Android 11 for the latest device

Poco X2 | Photo credit: POCO India / YouTube screenshot

The Poco brand has had a busy 2020 so far following the announcement of its independence from Xiaomi (in India, at least) and the launch of its comeback device. However, it was not the Poco F2 that fans around the world have been waiting for.

The company released Poco X2 earlier this month, and there is no denying that it is packed with specs beyond tech fans’ expectations considering its price. But Poco India has more surprises up its sleeves for the device, specifically for its operating system.

Poco X2 is confirmed to get Android 11; Poco F1 users ask, ‘What about us?’

Poco India general manager C Manmohan announced on Twitter earlier this week that the Poco X2 is getting an Android 11 update. The device comes off the box with Android 10, the latest version of the OS supported by Xiaomi’s MIUI 11.

Manmohan’s announcement was presented as fulfilling a promise of making Poco X2 one of the best devices in its category. However, fans replying in his tweet who are still loyal to using Poco F1 raises an important question: when are they going to receive a substantial Android update.

It appears that the Poco F1 has not yet to receive Android 10. The announcement for Poco X2 understandably makes them question if the company still has plans for the first device that made the brand popular worldwide. The feedback also goes to show how much fans are still actively using Poco F1 despite being released back in August 2018. It is then not surprising if, despite having a competitive device with Poco X2, many fans are still hoping the Poco F2 would get released down the line.

Android 11 on Poco X2 release date: Is the update arriving in 2020?

Manmohan did not give a release date window for Android 11 on Poco X2. However, Google has just launched the developer preview of the OS update on Feb. 20. Its beta release is not expected until May with the full version slated to go live in Q3 2020.

Android 11 would most likely become available first on Google-made devices such as the Pixel smartphones. This means Poco X2 users are likely getting the promised Android 11 update right before 2020 ends or in early 2021.

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