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Nintendo Switch update 10.0.2 will fix controller issue; Security breach on 160,000 Nintendo accounts confirmed

From the Nintendo Switch launch trailer | Photo credit: Nintendo / YouTube screenshot

Nintendo Switch updates are typically not that exciting as they are known for having one-line notes, but that is somewhat not this case this time. Meanwhile, Switch users might want to complete extra steps to secure their Nintendo accounts after the company confirmed a widespread breach that affected around 160,000 gamers.

Nintendo Switch update

Nintendo released the Switch firmware update 10.0.2 on Thursday, having a little more patch note than usual. Aside from the typical “general system stability improvements,” the video game developers have also addressed a specific issue.

Nintendo Switch players who updated to the 10.0.0 and 10.0.1 experience a bug where the system menu does not permit setting up a new Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. The issue has reportedly caused incorrect functions of joysticks. To those affected by this bug, their consoles should automatically update once it is connected to the internet.

If that did not happen, there is an option to manually update Nintendo Switch. Gamers will just have to open the System Settings menu and look for the “System” tab on the left side of the screen. Pressing it would open a menu with the “System Update” option on top, this should also tell Switch users if they have the latest firmware version installed.

Nintendo Switch security breach

While many people around the world observe social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for Nintendo Switch has gone up. One can assume that the usage of the console has also experienced the same increased numbers over the previous months. Unfortunately, it also appeared that the home quarantine protocols might have given internet crooks more time on their hands.

The video game giant confirmed last Friday that there had been massive illegal login activities that hackers did through exploiting the Nintendo Network ID. The security breach reportedly started at the beginning of April and has affected 160,000 accounts of Switch and other Nintendo console users.

Over the previous weeks, many Nintendo Switch users complained of observing illegal activities on their Nintendo accounts. Hackers have used their digital accounts to purchase games and other microtransactions items, especially when their PayPal or credit/debit card information is linked to it.

Nintendo also promised to contact account owners who have been directly affected by the security breach. In the meantime, Nintendo Switch users can activate the two-factor authentication to make sure they manually confirm every purchase before it is completed. It would also help to always monitor Nintendo account activities through the notifications sent on the linked email address.

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