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Melania Trump cryptic response: POTUS’s wife has a surprising comeback after being asked if she’s a gold digger

Regine MahauxWeaver/Wikimedia Commons

Melania Trump previously gave a cryptic response after one student seemingly suggested that she’s with Donald Trump because of his money.

In 2005, the FLOTUS just tied the knot with the POTUS when she visited a business class at New York University. After being indirectly asked about being a gold digger, the first lady denied that she’s with Trump because of his money.

Rather, she suggested that the POTUS is married to her because of her good looks.

“If I weren’t beautiful, do you think he’d be with me?” she said.

According to Political Flare, the FLOTUS’s response at that time illustrated a lackluster marriage between the first couple. The statement also suggested that since Trump is rich and Melania is beautiful, they are married.

Meanwhile, there have also been claims that the POTUS and the FLOTUS are not happy in their marriage. Unlike the Obamas, they rarely engage in public displays of affection.

In fact, some netizens have joked that the FLOTUS is unwillingly stuck with her husband, and she’s been looking for a way out for years. Other netizens are also convinced that a divorce is likely to happen in the near future.

“Oh, the irony of fake Christians like Mike Pence trying to say Donald is a friend to their hypocritical family values. I’m looking forward to the post-Presidency divorce of Donnie and Melania,” Twitter user @EdgeOfMyTweet said.

“As horrible as Melania is, even she deserves better. I wish she would formally divorce Donald Trump and shock the world with the first ‘presidential divorce’ in American history. She might actually earn some respect,” Twitter user @InfiniLarkspur said.

“You deporting Melania to India? Cheaper than divorce,” Twitter user @EpTastes said.

“Stay there and resign. Melania can come back and start divorce proceedings. Then she can get a real man who can rail her as she deserves,” Twitter user @sethhar80284923 said.

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