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MacBook Pro 2019 may be the last device to use a butterfly keyboard

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The sentiment about the MacBook Pro 2019 has been mix after the device hit the market. But if there’s one thing that everyone agrees upon, is that the laptop is – or will be – experiencing keyboard issues yet again.

While it’s too early to judge if the MacBook Pro 2019 will indeed suffer the same problem that its predecessors have, it appears that Apple itself is expecting it to occur. The assumption stems from the fact that the Cupertino-based company is offering a free keyboard repair program for models dating back since 2015.

Although this may be seen as a great gesture from Apple – keyboard issues can cost users hundreds of dollars – it may be the company’s way to avoid another lawsuit. Which is why it’s surprising that the MacBook Pro 2019 model was still given a butterfly keyboard despite the setup proving to be defective time and time again.

MacBook Pro 2019 keyboard issues may be resolved for good

But if rumors are to be believed, the MacBook Pro 2019 will supposedly be the last device to be outfitted with the controversial keyboard. Ming-Chi Kuo, a highly respected and well-connected Apple insider, believes that the MacBook Pro 2020 model will be provided with a scissor keyboard variant that is more reliable and durable.

This change may be seen as early as this year as Kuo believes the next MacBook Air model will be the first lineup to be outfitted with such alterations. In the meantime, if users start experiencing problems with the keyboard of the MacBook Pro 2019, they’re eligible to take it to the nearest Apple store to be repaired for free.

MacBook Pro 2019 is among the devices eligible for a free keyboard repair program

What’s more, Apple is emphasizing the need to fix the device in the store rather than sending it to a repair facility, which may take days before it gets back to the hands of the user. As for those who have yet to buy a MacBook Pro 2019, it’s advisable to wait until 2020 to see if the scissor keyboard rumor will come into fruition. Of course, if you’re someone who uses external keyboards, then this issue wouldn’t be a problem.

But then again, the current MacBook Pro model isn’t all that different from the 2018 variant so practicing patience, in this case, becomes doubly true. Besides, there are other cheaper options out there that are closely speced with the MacBook Pro 2019 anyway.

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