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LeBron James defended by Andre Iguodala as Hong Kong protestors burn the superstars’ jersey

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LeBron James is being torn apart in social media right now following his statements challenging the tweet of Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey. Morey voiced his support for the protestors in Hong Kong a week ago, which rocked the relationship of the NBA with the Communist Party of China.

LeBron James said Morey is misinformed and uneducated about the situation, a statement that was met with hostility from both his fans and critiques alike. Now, Andre Iguodala has tossed his two cents about the entire situation.

Iggy said that the criticisms thrown on LeBron James’ feet aren’t fair due to the double standards. The veteran swingman is referring to Fox News host Laura Ingraham's ridiculous shut-up-and-dribble comments after the superstar criticized Donald Trump.

LeBron James and the double standards of the media

“They ready to attack LeBron [James] for making a statement because they don't like his statement, they feel like he should have took another stance. But when he's home and he makes a stance about... and it's like, 'No this is not your place to make that statement,” Iguodala said.

LeBron James has been accused of being a sell-out and siding with China due to the possibility of a massive profit loss on his part should he anger the Chinese government. China has already wiped the Rockets’ branding in the country following Morey’s tweet, and it appears James doesn’t want that to happen to him.

There’s also the fact that LeBron James’ movie, “Space Jam 2,” will be out in 2021. If James even makes a peep about China’s oppressive regime, then the government will undeniably ban that movie in the country. Keep in mind that China is a massive market for movies and is oftentimes the saving grace for films that are aiming to make a splash in the box office.

LeBron James’ jersey being burned in Hong Kong

Adding fuel to the fire is LeBron James saying that Morey’s tweet could’ve hurt so many people “financially.” That right, there is one of the glaring signs where James’ allegiance lies.

Hong Kong protestors have already made their displeasure known by burning LeBron James’ jersey and accusing him of bowing to the influence of China. Online communities like Reddit are also severely disappointed about James’ comments since the athlete is known to champion the oppressed and the dispossessed.

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