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‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ gameplay, spoilers: Is this the final installment of the video game franchise?

From the trailer of “Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind” | Photo credit: Square Enix via KINGDOM HEARTS / YouTube screenshot

There has been quite a confusion on the future of the video game franchise beyond “Kingdom Hearts 3.” But the release of the latest DLC titled “ReMind” seemingly suggests that the series will go on beyond the 2019 main title installment.

Kingdom Hearts 3’ DLC: New character hints at more games coming in the future?

The latest “Kingdom Hearts 3” expansion came out last month on PlayStation 4 and will be available on Xbox One on Feb. 25. The final segments of the DLC confirmed that the video character named Yozora would affect the game’s plot.

This is not surprising to some fans, though. Yozora appeared in the base gameplay of “Kingdom Hearts 3,” as featured in a promotional poster of a fictional video game called “Verum Rex.” Since then, players who noticed the new face has had a hunch that Yozora will play a bigger role later on. And that is exactly what happened in “ReMind.”

Reports have it that Yozora’s real identity was left a mystery in the “Kingdom Hearts 3” DLC. Additionally, he has also had some significant encounters with the main protagonist Sora and his close friend Riku. This just adds to the speculations that Square Enix has a much bigger plan for Yozora.

Whatever is in the pipeline for the new character may not be fully resolved in “Kingdom Hearts 3.” In that case, Yozora’s appearance in this DLC could be what will tie this game to the future installments of the franchise.

Kingdom Hearts 3’: What the developer has said about the series beyond ‘KH3’

One of the reasons some fans were left with the impression that “Kingdom Hearts 3” is the last game of the series is due to how its plot was advertised. However, in an earlier interview, director Tetsuya Nomura explains that “Kingdom Hearts 3” is only the end of the current saga.

The story of Sora is officially called the Dark Seeker Saga, also known by many fans as the Xehanort Saga. And while talking to the L.A. Times (via Polygon) back in 2013, Nomura explained, “In ‘Kingdom Hearts 3,’ the battles that the characters have been fighting for the past 10 years will come to a conclusion. That is the plan. But the series will continue. Only the particular enemy they have been fighting the past 10 years will come to an end."

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