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Ivanka Trump ignores CNN reporter’s questions about Donald Trump’s impeachment

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Ivanka Trump attended the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland as President Donald Trump’s senior political adviser. While she wasn’t really expected to play a major role in the gathering of the world’s leaders and finance experts, she was still placed in the spotlight due to a topic unrelated to the forum – her father’s impeachment trial.

It all started when CNN reporter Jim Acosta approached White House adviser Ivanka Trump at the World Economic Forum. “Your father’s impeachment trial, what are your thoughts,” Acosta asked her, according to the Washington Examiner.

However, Ivanka Trump remained silent. An aid then ushered her through the crowd.

But Acosta tried to get a response from the White House adviser once more. “Do you think there should be witnesses?” the reporter asked Ivanka once more but the latter continued to ignore him and remained silent, according to Express.

A clip of the Acosta’s interaction with Ivanka Trump was later uploaded on social media. Some netizens criticized the White House adviser for her refusal to answer the question.

“This is good journalism by @Acosta - Ivanka Trump’s Marie “let them eat cake” impression speaks for itself,” a Twitter user commented. “Haughty, aloof, unwilling to answer a basic question.”

Meanwhile, others question Ivanka’s role in the economic forum. “Ivanka Trump is in Davos with her father as we speak. But a larger question remains... what does she actually do? #UnsolvedMysteries,” The Daily Show commented.

But to be fair to Ivanka Trump, she previously announced that her goal in Davos is to gather support for White House’s Pledge to America’s Workers. “Headed to Davos to call on the world’s largest employers to sign our #PledgetoAmericasWorkers and join us in unleashing the potential of our people and accelerating the historic wave of opportunity, wage growth and job creation in the United States,” Ivanka tweeted on Monday.

Acosta also posted a video of the one-sided interview. “Ivanka Trump declines to comment to @CNN on her father’s impeachment trial as it gets underway. #WEF2020,” the CNN reporter wrote.

The reporter’s tweet was commented by Ivanka’s brother, Donald Jr, who supported his sister’s decision to remain silent. “Why should she give a comment to one of the most dishonest reporters in all of Washington???” Donald Trump Jr. wrote.

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