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Dwight Howard should focus on improving himself as the season progress, Kobe Bryant said

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Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant aren’t exactly known for their friendship. It’s the opposite, in fact.

Dwight Howard was brought to the Lakers during the 2012-2013 season as the team attempted to add another banner unto its rafters. Howard was supposedly going to be the robin to Kobe Bryant’s Batman.

As the season progressed, however, it was clear that the pairing wasn’t going to work and the big man was rumored to sign with another team. Dwight Howard himself said that he wasn’t accustomed to the play style that then-coach Mike D’Antoni was employing although he did clarify that D’Antoni isn’t the reason he was walking away, BR reported.

Dwight Howard “ready” to bring Lakers a title, Bryant said

As rumors would have it, Bryant was the reason why the promising center decided to leave. Specifically, Bryant’s statement suggesting that he may be planning to stay with the Lakers despite having only one year on his contract. That didn’t sit well with Dwight Howard and thus the separation.

Fast forward to the present, and both men appeared to have moved on from their previous issues. So much so that Bryant himself said that Dwight Howard is “ready” to bring the Lakers the championship they so crave.

The legend was on “The Talk” recently where he spoke about his time with the Lakers and his tenuous partnership with Howard. When he was asked what advice he would give to his former teammate, he said that Dwight Howard should constantly focus on improving himself throughout the season.

Dwight Howard has been working hard to get in shape

And looking at the 33-year-old, it appears that he had already done that, TheBigLead reported. On his physique, at least. Dwight Howard has been working closely with Lakers trainer Gunnar Peterson to whip him in shape, and the result can already be seen. While the center’s bulky frame was gone, it was replaced by a toned physique that highlight Howard’s build.

Sure, he isn’t as imposing as he once was, but given that the current NBA landscape is favoring small ball plays, having a toned body isn’t a bad thing. Dwight Howard means to revive his dying career, and his redemption will start soon. With Bryant believing in him and Anthony Davis pushing for his addition, the ball is on the veteran’s court to prove that he still got what it takes to be a great NBA player.

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