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Donald Trump received a bizarre Valentine’s Day card but it’s not from Melania Trump

DOD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jette Carr/Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump reportedly received a Valentine’s Day card but not from his wife, Melania Trump.

According to Raw Story, Representative Devin Nunes asked Lev Parnas to sign his Valentine’s Day card to the POTUS. Joseph Bondy uploaded a screenshot that Nunes sent asking Parnas to reach out to the president.

“There is no better way for patriots like you to show your support for our great president and the first family than by signing his ‘surprise’ Valentine’s Day card,” Nunes said.

Nunes also revealed that he simply wanted to surprise Trump and his wife, Melania, with his Valentine’s Day greeting that’s actually from their top supporters. After all, the POTUS deserves the treat because he is fighting to put America first every day.

However, the POTUS’s critics saw this as an opportunity to make fun of the president.

“No better way to support #impotus than to throw your money at him,” Twitter user @BitchieBootie said.

“This looks like one of those mass emails from a donor email list but still sad that Devin forgot to take his criminal co-conspirator off the list. Also, who sends a V-Day card to the president? #cult,” Twitter user @bellamoss77 said.

Meanwhile, the POTUS also made headlines on Valentine’s Day because he didn’t spend the occasion with his wife. Trump reportedly flew to Mar-a-Lago to play golf.

The president’s love for golf is quite ironic because he used to make fun of Barack Obama for playing the same sport when he was president.

“Yet after three years in office, Trump has spent two-and-a-half times as many days on a golf course as Obama had done at the same point in his first term. If Trump plays golf both Saturday and Sunday, he will have played 248 times. Obama by his 1,123rd day in office had played 92 times,” The Huffington Post reported.

The publication revealed that Trump’s golf escapades are more expensive than Obama’s because he prefers to play at courses that he owns. These courses cost taxpayers nearly four times as high as it was for Obama.

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