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‘Boruto’ chapter 41 predictions, spoilers: Koji Kashin reveals his real name and why he wants to kill Jigen

From “Boruto: Naruto the Movie” official trailer | Photo credit: vizmedia/YouTube screenshot

All eyes are on the continuation of the fight between Boro and Team 7 with Kawaki. However, “Boruto” chapter 41 could also go back to the Kara hideout where an imminent fight between Koji Kashin and Jigen might take place.

Koji is possibly one of the most mysterious characters in the series at this point. There have been doubts about his loyalty to Kara when he killed his supposed comrade Garo. The suspicions were confirmed when Koji declared his intention of killing Jigen that could be one of the events happening in “Boruto” chapter 41.

Boruto’ chapter 41 predictions: Koji vs. Jigen: Who would win?

Koji, suddenly deciding to kill Jigen, is a little bit out of character. The previous chapters have established that Koji is a calculating and patient man. In chapter 40, he thought to himself that Naruto could not defeat Jigen. But then he still decided on killing him anyway.

Koji is betting on possibly defeating Jigen because he assumed he would be in a weakened state after the fight with Naruto and Sasuke. He was correct because Jigen needed two full days to regain his strength. However, seeing how powerful Jigen was against Naruto and Boruto, it is interesting how a fight with Koji would go down in “Boruto” chapter 41.

If “Boruto” chapter 41 will tackle Koji’s fight with Jigen, the next installment could also provide more context to it by revealing Koji’s real identity. There have been speculations that he used to be a shinobi serving Konohagakure, while others even suggest he is Jiraiya, but the latter seems to be a stretch.

Boruto’ chapter 41 spoilers: Can Team 7 and Kawaki defeat Boro?

Boro revealed some surprise techniques, much like Jigen did against Naruto and Sasuke. Boro also appears to be a formidable opponent, and with hot-headed younger opponents, he has a chance of winning. However, “Boruto” chapter 41 might also be a time to prove Sarada’s leadership and Mitsuki’s improving ability to use Sage Mode. These are some of the possible ways for them to defeat Boro and eventually bring Naruto home.

Boruto’ chapter 41 release date

New installments of the series are released monthly. Luckily, there will be no hiatus, and “Boruto” Chapter 41 will be released on Friday, Dec. 20.

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