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Green Tea benefits: Become slimmer and healthier by drinking it daily


Losing weight is not a battle that can be won easily. While it is so easy to gain weight, shedding it is a struggle, all the more if it is regained pounds.

But there is one drink that you can take daily that will greatly aid you in becoming slimmer. And, that is the green tea.

The green tea is said to be among the top choices in healthy drinks. Not only does it contain antioxidants but it also has various plant compounds that are all beneficial to your health.

So, how can green tea exactly help you in losing weight?

One of green tea's many compounds is caffeine, not as much as that in coffee though. According to several studies, caffeine can stimulate the burning of fat in your body and can help improve your exercise performance.

Also, because of its antioxidant content, just one cup of green tea can increase the antioxidants in your bloodstream. These antioxidants can boost your metabolism.

Remember that boosting your metabolism could help in burning more calories even when your body is at rest.

Another compound of green tea will increase the hormones that can help your fat cells to break down more fats coming from the food you ate and release them into your bloodstream as energy to be used by cells like your muscle cells.

Not only can green tea boost fat burning, but it will also allow you to burn more fats when you exercise, thus drinking it before you do your exercises is very beneficial.

And, the green tea extract called catechin supplements is said to aid in losing visceral fat, a fat that can be found inside the abdominal cavity and surrounding vital organs. Visceral fat is one of the hardest fats to lose in the body.

Of course, just drinking green tea alone is not enough. You have to eat healthily and do daily exercises as well to really get that healthy slim frame that you dreamed of.

Image credit courtesy of Dano/Flickr

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