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easyMarkets Announces Integration with TradingView

The popular online brokerage easyMarkets has announced its integration with the TradingView platform, unlocking a broad range of new opportunities for customers wanting to benefit from reliable analysis tools. Industry-leading conditions available when holding an account with this broker now come in tandem with all the features available at TradingView.

After trading expectations for market movements were high for the remainder of the year, investors were placing their capital in the “reopening trade” narrative, shifting from growth to value.

Faced with such conditions, retail traders need access to reliable information, and TradingView is one of the best places for that.

easyMarkets takes another step forward

With the integration of TradingView, traders will be taking advantage of the 30+ million traders that are already using the platform, actively sharing trading ideas and setups on its social trading feature. Access to technical analysis shared by market experts is important, especially for traders that don’t have the necessary skills to find reliable market setups on their own.

One-click trading, directly on charts, and advanced analysis features will also be available by connecting the easyMarkets account to the TradingView interface. That expands the broker’s platform offering, which up until now included the easyMarkets Web, App, and the popular MetaTrader 4.

Traders can benefit from a variety of tools

The advanced charting capabilities available with TradingView allow customers to customize their charts with an extensive choice of overlays and technical indicators. There are no limits in terms of what indicators can be used to analyze prices, as well as dozens of deep market insights.

Whether traders want to plot traditional indicators or built customizable ones on their own, it will be up to their choice, based on the trading strategy. According to easyMarkets’ CMO, Ohad Golan:

“This integration also makes us one of the few brokers in the industry to provide our customers with a choice of four environments to trade on. easyMarkets has always been on the cusp of innovation and an eager early adopter, I am sure this latest offering will make us even more competitive while also giving our clients another great new platform to trade on.”

Getting involved in the market fully equipped

Via its TradingView integration, easyMarkets aims to equip its customers with some of the most advanced tools in the market, helping them navigate a period that seems to be challenging looking ahead. With all the tools available, traders can gain an important edge and enrich their decision-making process.

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