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‘eFootball: PES 2020’ release date: Does ‘FIFA 2020’ finally has a legitimate competitor?

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Konami’s “eFootbal: PES 2020” is creating a lot of waves within the gaming community, particularly those who have a penchant for sports titles. The studio recently released the demo for the game, and a lot of players have taken it for a spin with varying general opinion how the game looks and feels like.

First up is the Master League game mode. “eFootbal: PES 2020” allows players to dictate how the game’s story progresses, providing them the liberty to choose responses that better suit their personality.

This individual journey is heightened even more through gameplay. The physics engine of “eFootbal: PES 2020” creates an immersive experience thanks to how the game has been slowed down and the unique first touches that lends more authenticity to the title, Den of Geek reported.

eFootball: PES 2020 delivers a sense of realism for players

There’s also the close ball control that really ties the slow gameplay together, although some players will undoubtedly be frustrated by this aspect. Nevertheless, “eFootbal: PES 2020” is still delivering nicely on several fronts, including the camera angle that further pronounces that sense of realism. The camera has been set on “Stadium” mode on its default setting, giving you that feeling that you’re actually there sitting through an unfolding match between two powerhouses, RealSport reported.

But there are times that the camera can’t catch up with the action resulting in unwanted surprises. For instance, the camera of “eFootbal: PES 2020” isn’t responsive enough when you perform sudden changes in direction. So say you’re on the offensive and wants to push the ball further, sprinting as you do.

The camera’s angle would be set in such a way that you won’t see a defender until you’re basically running at him in full speed. The same goes when you’re defending, and the opposition is sprinting towards a defender that you didn’t notice was actually there. It takes some getting used to but overall, “eFootbal: PES 2020” still gives you that nice realism when you combined all the aforementioned features.

eFootball: PES 2020 fights for exclusivity

As for Konami itself, it appears that the studio has been fighting hard for exclusivity, which earned them the rights to feature the eight-time defending Italian champs, Juventus. This means that Juventus will only appear in “eFootbal: PES 2020” and will not be grazing the fields of “FIFA 2020.”

So is Konami’s title enough to unseat “FIFA” from its seat? That’s unlikely. Although “eFootbal: PES 2020” is a great title, it would take some really game-changing features to truly knock “FIFA” off its pedestal.

Perhaps the only way that “eFootbal: PES 2020” could best “FIFA” is if EA makes a massive blunder that would really alienate its fan base and hurl them in the arms of Konami. But the game does provide a nice alternative, especially for those who aren’t keen on giving EA more money. With regards to the release date of “eFootbal: PES 2020,” Konami slated its release on Sept. 20, seven days ahead of “FIFA 2020.”

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