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‘eFootball PES 2020’ gameplay: Konami finally sets new release date for the free UEFA Euro 2020 content update

From the “eFootball PES 2020” demo trailer | Photo credit: Konami via eFootball PES/YouTube screenshot

“eFootball PES 2020” developer Konami had to deal with adjustments to the timeline of its content updates due to COVID-19. On the bright side, players no longer have to keep guessing when the highly anticipated UEFA Euro 2020 content is arriving.

eFootball PES 2020’: UEFA Euro 2020 update arrives in early June

Konami announced earlier this week that the free UEFA Euro 2020 content will be arriving on Thursday, June 4. The update was supposed to be released last April 30, until the developers had to go through some changes amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Luckily, the developers did not have to scale down on the contents that will be released with the update despite changes in their work setup and schedules. “eFootball PES 2020” will receive a new UEFA Euro 2020 Tournament Mode where gamers can choose from all 55 UEFA National Teams.

The content update also gives “eFootball PES 2020” two new arenas, the Wembley Stadium and the Saint Petersburg Stadium, to complete the UEFA Euro 2020 experience. Konami promises to deliver “breathtakingly realistic recreations” of both stadiums as they were supposed to be the official venues of the league.

Unfortunately, UEFA Euro 2020 had to postpone its matches due to coronavirus as well. This means the free “eFootball PES 2020” content update would be a good way for avid football fans not to miss the canceled games so much.

Meanwhile, it might be a small detail but true football fans will appreciate playing “eFootball PES 2020” with the actual ball design for the UEFA Euro 2020. Winning should feel very rewarding because the update also comes with the official league trophy.

eFootball PES 2020’ updates: Free Scouts campaign, Konami Cup Matchday to launch next week

The UEFA Euro 2020 is not the only content to look forward to in “eFootball PES 2020.” Konami announced it is going to launch a free Scouts campaign in the coming week. To participate, gamers will have to set eligible clubs listed in this blog post as their Base Team on Thursday, May 28.

Doing so will allow “eFootball PES 2020” players to get 11 five-star Scouts that helps them get the best players from their chosen club. This is a good chance to prepare for the upcoming Konami Cup Matchday launching on May 25. By simply joining, players will receive twice the usual amount of myClub Coins in the typical Matchday events.

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