Edward Struzik

Edward Struzik

Fellow, Queen's Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy, School of Policy Studies, Queen's University, Ontario

I have an undergraduate degree in history from the University of Western Ontario and a Masters of Journalism degree from the University of Western Ontario. I am currently a fellow at Queen's Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy in the School of Policy Studies at Queen's University. I have held that position since 2011.

I have been awarded three year-long fellowships: the Southam Fellowship at Massey College at the University of Toronto in 1986-87;the Knight Science Journalism Fellowship at MIT and Harvard in 1996-1997, and the Atkinson Fellowship in Public Policy in 2006. This award is a collaborative project of the Atkinson Foundation, the Honderich Family and Toronto Star. The focus of my fellowship was a series of articles on how climate change is reshaping the Arctic.

Since 2009, I have been a contributing writer for Yale Environment 360, an international online journal offering opinion, analysis, reporting, and debate on global environmental issues by scientists, journalists, environmentalists, academics, policy makers, and business people. Yale 360 is published by Yale's School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. To view my articles, go to:

Since 2016 I have been a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Arctic Resources Committee, a citizens' organization dedicated to the long-term environmental and social well-being of northern Canada and its peoples. CARC has been a major voice on Arctic issues for the past 40 years.

I have written five books, four of them on the Arctic. Future Arctic, Fields Notes From A World on the Edge was published by Island Press in Washington D.C. in 2015. I have also contributed chapters to several other books. Two of the most recent are: Reflections of Canada, Illuminating Our Opportunities and Challenges at 150 years, (Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, University of British Columbia, 2017) and It’s All Happening So Fast, which was published in 2017 by the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal.

I have played the role of advisor for the World Wildlife Fund of Canada’s Arctic Program. I was also on one of the selection committees for the International Polar Year conference that was held in Montreal in 2012. The IPY From Knowledge to Action Conference was one of the largest and most important scientific conferences for polar science and climate change, impacts and adaptation. Keynote presentations, thought-provoking panel discussions and workshops involved hundreds of scientists from around the world.

My long list of awards includes the U.S.-based Grantham Prize for environmental writing, the Michener Deacon Fellowship in Public Policy and the Sir Sandford Fleming Medal, which goes to one person each year who has made an outstanding contribution to the understanding of science in Canada.

My articles on the Arctic have appeared in journals such as Foreign Policy Review, Arctic, Conservation Biology, The World Policy Institute’s Arctic-in-Context and Conservation Biology, to name just a few

Fighting historic wildfires amid bad ideas and no funding

Aug 13, 2018 15:10 pm UTC| Insights & Views Nature

Shortly after my book Firestorm, How Wildfire Will Shape Our Future was published in late 2017, I received a flurry of invitations to speak about the challenges of dealing with fires that are burning bigger, hotter, more...



S. Korea's Hanmi, Celltrion, and Dongbang to produce Merck’s COVID-19 pill

South Koreas Hanmi Pharm Co., Celltrion Inc., and Dongbang FTL were among 27 drugmakers chosen to produce low-cost versions of Merck Co.s COVID-19 pill molnupiravir for low- and-middle-income countries. The Medicines...

S. Korean scientists develop protein absorbent that collects rare earth elements steel slag

A Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology research team has developed a protein absorbent that can collect rare earth elements from steel slag, an industrial by-product. The research team succeeded in selectively...

Coca-Cola to capitalize on Africa's strong demand for energy drinks

Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA) plans to consolidate in Africa and to capitalize on the continents strong demand for energy drinks, which is the fastest-growing beverage category. Jacques Vermeulen, the CCBA CEO, sees...

McDonald’s expands McPlant burger tests in US

McDonalds will roll out the McPlant burger at around 600 locations in the San Francisco Bay and Dallas-Fort Worth areas for a limited time starting Feb. 14 to learn more about consumer demand for it. The test began in...

Taco Bell dives into education venture with the launch of its business school

Taco Bell, a fast-food chain that serves a Mexican menu, is venturing into something new this year. The restaurant announced that it would be opening an institution for educating people, and it will be called the Taco Bell...


Ivanka Trump accused of 'misleading financial statements' to federal government and Deutsche Bank

Donald Trumps daughter and White House adviser Ivanka Trump is now under even more legal scrutiny in the ongoing investigations into the Trump Organization. New York Attorney General Letitia James claimed in a court filing...

Afghanistan: Pentagon releases footage of Kabul drone strike

One of the criticized aspects of the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan was the drone strike that ended up killing civilians including children. The Pentagon has now made public the footage of the failed drone...

US House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer echoes Nancy Pelosi's stance on lawmakers trading stocks

One of the issues that have emerged in Congress is of its members trading stocks despite concerns of conflicts of interest. US House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer echoed the stance of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying that...

Kamala Harris says administration will continue to fight to pass voting rights legislation following Senate vote

The recent Senate vote on voting rights did not succeed in advancing voting rights legislation in the chamber. US Vice President Kamala Harris said that the administration would continue to push for voting rights...


DouxMatok and Blommer to produce chocolate products with less sugar by enhancing sweetness perception

Blommer Chocolate Co. has entered a commercial partnership with Israeli-based DouxMatok to produce and sell a portfolio of chocolate products with less sugar, made possible by enhancing the perception of...

Duke University study reveals gastrointestinal tract distinguishes between Coke Original and Coke Zero

Duke University researchers revealed that the gastrointestinal tract, and not the tongue, distinguishes between Coca-Cola Original and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. According to their published study, neuropod cells in the...

Keio University doctors use iPS-derived cells to treat spinal cord injury

Keio University researchers have successfully transplanted into a patient with a severe spinal cord injury two million neural progenitor cells derived from other peoples iPS cells as part of a clinical study, offering hope...

Virtual moon landing experience offered at Tottori Sand Dunes

Tokyo-based Amulapo, Inc. is offering a tour at the Tottori Sand Dunes for experiencing a simulated landing on the lunar surface for up to 20 participants on Saturday nights until the end of March, during good...

Unilever calls for better plant-based diet through public health strategies

Unilever scientists are prompting public health officials to facilitate the transition to a balanced diet with more diverse nutrient-dense plant foods through consumer education, food fortification, and...


Warner Bros. reiterates ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ will launch in 2022

A recent report claimed that Hogwarts Legacy is unlikely to launch anytime before 2023, suggesting that the game could suffer yet another delay. However, developers have now somewhat addressed the rumor by reiterating that...

‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’ could be released in March

It has been a while since developer Tango Gameworks and publisher Bethesda Softworks last released teasers for Ghostwire: Tokyo. Officially, the companies have only said the game will be released sometime this year. But an...

NFT profile pictures on Twitter will now appear as hexagonal avatars

Twitter just launched a new feature that makes NFT profile pictures easier to distinguish. As expected, it has been met with mixed reactions from users and major brands. People will find everyday debates about the pros... confirms hackers stole over $30 million in cryptocurrencies confirmed that 483 users were affected by a hacking incident detected earlier this week. The cryptocurrency exchange platform said the culprits stole more than $30 million, but that no customers lost...
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